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e-mail message
waasamoobii'igan ni an e-mail

waasamoobii'amaw vta e-mail h/

a little bit each
bebangii adv qnt a little bit each; a little bit at a time

each one
bebezhig qnt num one-by-one

two each
neniizh qnt num two each

three each
neniswi qnt num three each

four each
neniiwin qnt num four each

five each
nenaanan qnt num five each

six each
neningodwaaswi qnt num six each

seven each
neniizhwaaswi qnt num seven each

eight each
nenishwaaswi pv qnt eight each

See also: eyishwaaswi qnt num

eyishwaaswi qnt num eight each

See also: nenishwaaswi pv qnt

nine each
zhezhaangaswi qnt num nine each

ten each
memidaaswi qnt num ten each

gwaashkwezi vai s/he is eager, is energetic, is ambitious

ojaanimitoon vti2 be eager to do it

Paired with: ojaanimi' vta

wewiibendam vai s/he is in a hurry, is eager

bald eagle
migizi na a bald eagle

Haliaeetus leucocephalus

golden eagle
giniw na golden eagle

Aquilia chrysaetos

binesi na
  1. a bird of a large species; a raptor (a hawk or eagle)
  2. a thunderbird

eagle feather
bald eagle feather
migiziwigwan na a bald eagle feather

golden eagle feather
giniwigwan na a golden eagle feather

eagle nest
bald eagle nest
migiziwazison ni [BL] a bald eagle's nest

golden eagle nest
giniwazison ni [BL] a golden eagle's nest

The medial /-tawag-/ occurs in verbs referring to the ear or ears.
nitawag nid my ear

gitawag nid your ear

otawag nid h/ ear

big ear
mamaangitawage vai s/he has big ears

bloody ear
miskwiiwitawage vai s/he has a bloody ear

clean ear
biinitawage vai s/he has a clean ear or clean ears

cold ear
giikajitawagewaji vai s/he has cold ears

dirty ear
wiinitawage vai s/he has a dirty ear or dirty ears

ear itches
gizhiibitawage vai h/ ear itches

gagizhiibitawage vai h/ ears itch

frozen ear
mashkawitawagewaji vai s/he has a frozen ear or ears

mamaashkawitawagewaji vai s/he has frozen ears

hairy ear
miishitawage vai s/he has hairy ears

infected ear
miniiwitawage vai s/he has an infected ear

inside ear
biinjitawag adv loc inside an ear

itchy ear
ginagitawage vai [BL] s/he has an itchy ear or itchy ears

scar on ear
ojiishitawage vai s/he has scar on h/ ear

small ear
agaasitawage vai s/he has a small ear or small ears

babiiwitawage vai s/he has tiny ears

has such an ear or such ears
izhitawage vai s/he has such an ear or ears

wash ear
giziibiigitawage vai s/he washes h/ (own) ears

wiggle ear
biskitawageni vai s/he wiggles h/ ears

[top part of plant]
ear of corn
mandaaminaak na an ear of corn

ear drops
ear drops
ziiginishaan ni ear drops

ziiginishe vai s/he puts drops in h/ own ears