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ishkwaataa vai

s/he is at the end of an activity; s/he stops an activity, stops working, quits working, quits a job

indishkwaataa 1s ind; nindishkwaataa 1s ind; nidishkwaataa 1s ind; ishkwaataa 3s ind; ishkwaataad 3s conj; eshkwaataad 3s ch-conj; Stem: /ishkwaataa-/

Aaniin gaa'-igooyan gaa'-onji-ishkwaataayan gidanokiiwin.

What did they say to you to make you quit your job?

ishkwaataa /ishkwaataa-/: /ishkwaa-/
over, finished, after the end
; /-taa/
s/he does something, works, acts
Reduplicated Form: ayishkwaataa