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nakwetaadiwag vai they answer each other; they converse

nakwetaage vai s/he answers (people)

namadabi vai s/he sits

(causative) namadabi' vta make h/ sit
namadabi' vta make h/ sit

namadabingwaami vai [RL] s/he sleeps sitting up

namadakide vii it stands upright

Paired with: namadakizo vai

namadakizo vai it (animate) is upright, stands upright

Paired with: namadakide vii

namadinan vti hold it upright; put it upright

namajigaabawi vai s/he stands upright (as an animal)

namajisidoon vti2 set it upright

Paired with: namajishim vta

namajisin vii it lies upright

Paired with: namajishin vai

namajishim vta set h/ upright

Paired with: namajisidoon vti2

namajishin vai s/he lies upright

Paired with: namajisin vii

namanj adv dub I don't know how, I wonder how

See also: amanj adv dub

namanj apii adv dub I don't know when, I wonder when

See also: amanj apii adv dub

namanjaya'ii adv loc on the left side of something

namanjigaad ni a left leg

namanjinik ni a left hand

namanjinikaan ni left arm

namanjinike vai s/he is left-handed

namanjizid ni a left foot

namanjii vai s/he is left-handed

name na a sturgeon

lake sturgeon
Acipenser fulvescens

(verb of abundance) namekaa vii there are (many) sturgeon
name-wewebanaabaan ni a sturgeon hook

namebin na a sucker (fish)

white sucker
Catostomus commersoni

(verb of abundance) namebinikaa vii there are (many) suckers