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oo pc disc oh!

oo yaay pc interj oh my, oh my goodness, oh my god

oodena ni town

(verb of possession) odoodenawi vai s/he has as h/ town
oodenawi'idiwag vai they live together in a camp or town

oodetoo vai s/he goes to town, stays in town, lives in town; [plural] they form a town or community

oojii na a fly

See also: oojiins na

oojiins na a fly

See also: oojii na

oojiinsikaa vii there are (many) flies

ookomisan nad h/ grandmother

ookomisi vai + o s/he has a grandmother

ookwe na maggot

ookwemin ni black cherry

ookweminagaawanzh na a black cherry bush

Prunus serotina

ookwewan vii it is maggoty

Paired with: ookwewi vai

ookwewaade vii there are maggots on it

ookwewaazo vai there are maggots on h/

ookwewi vai s/he is maggoty

Paired with: ookwewan vii

oonh pc disc oh!; so...

oosan nad h/ father

See also: obaabaayan nad ; odedeyan nad

oowa pc disc [exclamation of surprise]

oozhishenyan nad h/ grandchild