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edawayi'ii adv loc on both sides of it

edawi-zaka'o vai s/he uses crutches

edawi-zaka'on ni a crutch

eko- pv rel a certain length; as long as; since

ako- pv rel

eko-nising adv loc the third

eko-niizhing adv loc the second

ekozi vai [LLC] s/he is tired

See also: ayekozi vai

emikwaan ni a ladle; a spoon

(derived noun) emikwaanens ni teaspoon (verb of possession) odemikwaani vai s/he has a spoon or spoons, has a ladle or ladles
emikwaan na a turtle shell, carapace

(verb of possession) odemikwaani vai s/he (a turtle) has a shell
emikwaanens ni teaspoon

enange pc disc sure! you bet!; you bet

enaabiisin vii it is cracked, has a crack in it

enda- pv lex very, quite; just; real

See also: wenda- pv lex

endaso- pv rel every; a certain number; so many

daso- pv rel

endaso-anama'e-giizhik adv tmp every week

endaso-biboon adv tmp every winter

endaso-dagwaagi adv tmp every fall, every autumn

endaso-dibik adv tmp every night

endaso-gigizheb adv tmp every morning

endaso-giizhik adv tmp every day

endaso-giizis adv tmp every month

endaso-niibin adv tmp every summer

endaso-ziigwan adv tmp every spring

endasonaagosh adv tmp every evening

endazhi- pv rel in a certain place; of a certain place; there

dazhi- pv rel