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o- pv dir go somewhere to do something, go over there to...

See also: awi- pv dir

obabigomi vai s/he has a flea or fleas

obabiinzikawaagani vai s/he has a coat or jacket

obashkiigaa vii it is a swampy channel or narrows, is a channel or narrows through muskeg

obashkiigaang name place at the swampy narrows

obashkweginwekizinensi vai s/he has small hide moccasins

obawa'iganaako vai s/he has a rice knocker or rice knockers

obaabaayan nad h/ father

See also: odedeyan nad

obaabaayi vai s/he has a father

See also: odedeyi vai

obaabaayim vta have h/ as a father

See also: odedeyim vta

obaabikaa vii it is a rocky narrows

obaakweyaa vii it is a wooded narrows

obaashiiwan vii it is a narrows

obaashkizigani vai s/he has a gun or guns

obigamaa vii there is a channel between lakes; there is a narrows

See also: wabigamaa vii

obikwako vai s/he has an arrow or arrows

obizhikiimi vai s/he has a cow, has cattle

obizhiinsimi vai [BL] s/he has a cat or cats

obiigomakakii na a toad

obiimiskodisii na a snail

obiiwayaa vai s/he (animal) has hair, has fur

obiiwidemi vai s/he has a visitor or visitors, has a guest or guests

oboodashkwaanishiinh na a dragonfly

obwayawe na a medium beaver

obwaam nid h/ (an animal's) hindquarter; h/ thigh (back of thigh)