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jaka' vta [BL] poke, jab, nudge h/ (using something)

jaka'an vti [BL] poke, jab, tap, nudge it (using something)

Paired with: jaka' vta [BL]

(detransitive) jaka'ige vai s/he pokes, jabs things; s/he marks things with a tick or check
jaka'ige vai s/he marks things with a tick or check; s/he pokes, jabs things

jakanaamo vai s/he has chest pain while breathing

jakiiwii vai s/he strains h/ self in lifting

jaachaamo vai s/he sneezes

jaachaamozwi vta make h/ sneeze with something

jaagadaawaage vai s/he sells out (of something)

jaagadaawaagen vai + o s/he sells out of (it)

jaaga'e vai s/he uses up all of the ammunition

jaaga'ookii vai s/he gives everything out, distributes everything

jaaga'oozh vta give all of h/ out, use all of h/ up in a distribution

jaagam vta eat up all of h/

Paired with: jaagandan vti

jaagandan vti eat up all of it

See also: jaagam vta

(detransitive) jaaganjige vai s/he eats up all of something
jaaganjige vai s/he eats up all of something

jaagawinzo vai s/he picks all the berries, picks over an area of berries

jaagaabaji' vta use h/ up

Paired with: jaagaabajitoon vti2

jaagaabajitoon vti2 use it up

Paired with: jaagaabaji' vta

jaagaakide vii it burns

Paired with: jaagaakizo vai

jaagaakiz vta burn h/

Paired with: jaagaakizan vti

jaagaakizan vti burn it up

Paired with: jaagaakiz vta

jaagaakizo vai s/he burns

Paired with: jaagaakide vii

jaagaawadoon vti2 haul all of them (inanimate)

Paired with: jaagaawazh vta

jaagaawazh vta haul all of them (animate)

Paired with: jaagaawadoon vti2

jaagiboode vii it is all sawed up, all ground up

Paired with: jaagiboozo vai