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giizhoozi vai s/he is warm [person]

Paired with: giizhooyaa vii

giizhooyaa vii it is warm

Paired with: giizhoozi vai

warm liquid
abaagamide vii it (liquid) warms up, is warm, is lukewarm

giizhoogamin vii it (liquid) is warm

warm floor
giizhoosagaa vii it is a warm floor

warm rain
giizhoobiisaa vii it is warm rain

warm sand
giizhoodaawangaa vii there is warm sand

warm weather
aabawaa vii it is warm weather, is mild weather

wrapped up warm
giizhoopizo vai s/he is wrapped up warm

warm up
abaaso vai s/he warms up in the sun

Paired with: abaate vii

boodawazo vai s/he builds a fire to warm up

weather warms up
abaate vii it warms up (of the weather)

Paired with: abaaso vai

sun warms
aabawaasige vai s/he (the sun) warms things up

aabawaate vii it is warm, warms up in the sunshine

warm at the fire
abiz vta warm h/ at the fire

Paired with: abizan vti

abizamaw vta warm something for h/ at the fire

abizan vti warm it at the fire

Paired with: abiz vta

abizigaade vii it is warmed at the fire (by someone), "they" warm it at the fire

abizigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is warmed at the fire (by someone), "they" warm h/ or it at the fire

abizige vai s/he warms (something) at the fire

abiigizan vti warm it (something sheet-like) at a fire

Paired with: abiigizwi vta [BL]

abiigizige vai s/he warms something (sheet-like) at the fire; s/he warms the drum

awazo vai s/he warms h/ self at the fire

warm back
abaawiganezo vai s/he warms h/ (own) back

warm foot
abizidezo vai s/he warms h/ (own) foot or feet

abizidezwi vta warm h/ foot or feet

warm hand
abininjiizo vai s/he warms h/ (own) hands

warm liquid
abaagamizan vti warm it (liquid)

abaagamizamaw vta warm something (liquid) up for h/

abaagamizige vai s/he warms something liquid

giizhoogamizan vti warm it (something liquid)

warm with foot or body
giizhooshkan vti warm it (with foot or body)

Paired with: giizhooshkaw vta

giizhooshkaw vta warm h/ (with foot or body)

Paired with: giizhooshkan vti

dress warmly
giizhoo'o vai s/he dresses warmly

giizhookonaye vai s/he dresses warm

lie in warmth
giizhooshin vai s/he lies in warmth

ayaangwaamim vta warn, caution h/

warn against
gina'amaw vta forbid h/ to, warn h/ against

ogichidaa na a ceremonial headman; a warrior, a veteran

ogichidaawi vai s/he is an ogichidaa (ceremonial headman), is a warrior, is a veteran

warrior song
warrior song
ogichidaa-nagamon ni a warrior song

jiichiigom na a wart

gii- pv tns [S] [past tense]: -ed, was, did

See also: gii'- pv tns [BL]

gaa- pv tns [S] [past tense with initial change]: -ed, did, was

See also: gaa'- pv tns

gii'- pv tns [BL] [past tense]: -ed, was, did

See also: gii- pv tns [S]

gaa'- pv tns [past tense with initial change]: -ed, did, was