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ozhibii'igaade vii

it is written (by someone), "they" write it; it is written down (by someone), "they" write it down

ozhibii'igaade 0s ind; ozhibii'igaadeg 0s conj; wezhibii'igaadeg 0s ch-conj; ozhibii'igaademagad 0s ind aug; Stem: /ozhibii'igaade-/

Ogii-minwaabandaan iwe mazina'igan gaa-pi-miinind gii-ozhibii'igaadeg imaa waa-inaakonigewaad.

He approved what he saw of the proposed rules he was given that they were going to decide on.

ozhibii'igaade /ozhibii'igaade-/: /ozhibii'-/ stem of ozhibii'an vti ; /-gaade/
it undergoes action (by someone)