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/-aa/ final

it is in a state or condition
aditebagaa vii there are coloured leaves
agawaateyaa vii there is shadow; there is shade
agaasadegamaa vii it is a narrow lake
agaasadekamigaa vii it is a narrow stretch of ground
agaasadesagaa vii it has a narrow floor area, is a narrow room
agaasadetigweyaa vii it (a river) is narrow
agaasadeyaa vii it is narrow
agaasadinaa vii there is a small hill
agaasashkiigaa vii it is a small muskeg
agaasaa vii it is small
agaasibagaa vii there are leaf buds; there are small leaves
agaasigamaa vii it is a small lake
agwanaabikaa vii there is a cave or hollow under the rock ledge
agwaayaashkaa vii waves come ashore
akogamaa vii it (a lake) is so long
akoosagaa vii it (a floor or room) is so long
akwadaawangaa vii the beach goes so far, is so long; a stretch of sand goes so far, is so long
akwaa vii it is a certain length, a certain height, is so long, is so tall
akwaakwaa vii the woods go a certain distance
akwiindimaa vii it (body of water) has so deep a bottom
anibekamigaa vii it is sloping ground
animaashkaa vii waves go away (in the other direction)
apagadaashkaa vii waves beat against something
apiichibiiyaa vii the water is at such a level
apiitadeyaa vii it is so wide; it is so deep
apiitaa vii it is a certain height, is a certain thickness
apiitaagonagaa vii there is snow so deep, the snow is a certain depth
asabaa vii it has small holes, is a mesh
asiniikamigaa vii it is rocky ground
asiniiwakamigaa vii there is rocky ground, a rocky area
asiniiwaamikaa vii it has a rocky bottom
ashawekamigaa vii it is slanted ground
ashkibagaa vii there are green leaves
ayaakwaawan vii they are each a certain length, a certain height, are so long, are so tall
azhashkiiwakamigaa vii it is muddy ground
azhiwaa vii it is dull
aabawaa vii it is warm weather, is mild weather
aanikegamaa vii it is a chain of lakes
aasamaakwaa vii it is the facing side or end of the trees
aasaakamigokamigaa vii it is mossy ground
aazhawakamigaa vii it (the ground) goes across, is an isthmus
babigozigwaa vii there is rough ice, is bumpy ice
babiikwadaawangaa vii there are sand dunes
babiikwadinaa vii there are hills here and there
babiikwakamigaa vii it is rolling ground, bumpy ground
babiikwashkiigaa vii it is a hummocky musekg
babiiwaawan vii they (inanimate) are small, are tiny
babiizigaa vii it is curly, is curled, is crinkled
bagakaagonagaa vii there is bright snow
bagamaashkaa vii waves move in, come in
bagoneyaa vii it has a hole in it
bagonezigwaa vii there is a (natural) hole in the ice
bajiishkaa vii it is pointed
bakegamaa vii lake goes off from another
baketigweyaa vii it (a river) goes off to the side, is a tributary
bakiteyaashkaa vii waves hit against something
bakwebiigaashkaa vii the waves dirty the water; the waves make the water turbid, roiled, or muddy
basadinaa vii it is a valley
basakamigaa vii there is a cleft, ditch, or gulley in the ground
basikobaa vii there is a ravine or valley in the bush
bashkwadinaa vii it is a hill bare of trees
bashkwakamigaa vii it is bare ground (cleared of vegetation)
bashkwaa vii it is bare, is cleared
bashkwaandagaa vii it is bare of boughs
bazagojiishkiwagaa vii there is sticky mud; it is muddy with sticky mud
bazagwaa vii it is sticky
baagwaa vii it is shallow
baapaagaa vii it is hard, is solid
baashkineyaa vii there is dust or mist in the air
baatekamigaa vii the ground is dry
bengobagaa vii there are dry leaves
bengojiishkiwagaa vii there is dry mud
bengwadaawangaa vii there is dry sand, is a dry beach
bengwakamigaa vii it is dry ground
bengwashkiigaa vii it is a dry muskeg
bengwaagonagaa vii there is dry snow
bengwaandagaa vii the boughs are dry
beshaa vii it has a line, has a stripe
bibagaa vii it is thin
bibagizigwaa vii there is thin ice; it (something slab-like) is thin
bikokobaa vii it is a clump of brush
bikwadaawangaa vii it is sand dune or sand hill
bikwadinaa vii it is a knoll, is a hill
bikwakamigaa vii there is a hump or mound in the ground
bikwaabikadinaa vii there is a rocky hill or hills
bikwaabikaa vii it is a rocky mound or hill
bimadinaa vii there is a ridge or range of hills or mountains extending along
bimaashkaa vii waves go by
bimitigweyaa vii it (a river) flows along, flows by
bingwiiwakamigaa vii [ML] it is sandy ground
bingwiiwaamikaa vii there is a sandy bottom
biskaa vii it is bent over, folded
biskigamaa vii the lake has a sharp bend in it
biskitigweyaa vii the river has a sharp bend in it
bishagiishkaa vii it is dark, gets dark (as night)
bizhishigwaa vii it is empty
biidaashkaa vii waves come here
biinakamigaa vii it is clean ground
biinaagongaa vii there is clean snow
biinisagaa vii it (floor or wall) is clean
biinisaa vii it is plain, bland, numb, flavorless, without sensation
biisaa vii it is fine; it is in particles
biitoogamaa vii it is a lake parallel to or above another
biitooskobiigaa vii there is slushy water between layers of ice
boozaa vii [N] it is greasy, is oily
dabasadinaa vii it is a low small hill
dabasakamigaa vii it is low ground
dabasaa vii it is low
dabasaagonagaa vii there is low snow
dabasaakwaa vii there are low trees
dabasaakweyaa vii there is a low tree line
dabasaashkaa vii the waves are low
dabasikobaa vii it is low brush
dabinawaa vii it is calm, sheltered from the wind
dadaakwanagweyaa vii it has short sleeves
dadaakwaawan vii they are short
dakadaawangaa vii there is cool sand, is a cool beach
dakakamigaa vii it is cold ground
dakamaabikaa vii there are rocks extending across ahead
dakamaakwaa vii there are trees extending across ahead
dakaa vii it (a thing) is cool
dakaakweyaa vii it is cool among the trees
dakisagaa vii it is a cool floor
dakozigwaa vii it (slab-like) is short
dakootigweyaa vii it is a short river
dakwashkiigaa vii it is a short stretch of muskeg
dakwaa vii it is short
dawaa vii there is a space, a gap, room
daashkakamigaa vii it (ground) is split
daashkaa vii it is split, is broken apart lengthwise
daashkaabikaa vii it (rock) is split
desakamigaa vii it is flat level ground
desaa vii it is a level surface
dimibiiyaa vii the slush is deep
dipiiwakamigaa vii it is damp ground
gagaanonagweyaa vii it has long sleeves
gagaanwaawan vii they are long
gakakaa vii it is square
Gakaabikaang name place Minneapolis, Minnesota
gashkiidibikaakwaa vii the forest is dark
gaashadeweyaa vii there is a hard sharp crust on the snow
gaashaa vii it is rough. prickly in texture; it is sharp
gaashaabikaa vii there is sharp rough rock
gaashaagonagaa vii there is sharp-crusted snow
gaashizigwaa vii there is sharp ice
gaawaa vii it is rough (in texture), is prickly
gibwaakwaa vii it is blocked with trees, is overgrown with trees
gidagaa vii it is spotted, is multi-colored
gijigadaawangaa vii the sand is rippled
gijigadinaa vii there is a range of hills, a ridge
gijigaa vii it is rippled
ginozigwaa vii it (slab-like) is long
ginoodaawangaa vii it is a long stretch of sand beach
ginoodinaa vii it is a long hill
ginoogamaa vii it is a long lake
ginookamigaa vii it is a long stretch of ground
ginoosagaa vii it has a long floor area, is a long room
ginootigweyaa vii it is a long river
ginwashkiigaa vii it is a long stretch of muskeg
ginwaa vii it is long, is tall
ginwiindimaa vii it (body of water) has a deep bottom
gipagaa vii it is thick
gizhiitigweyaa vii it is a fast river
gizhiiweweyaashkaa vii the waves are loud
giinaa vii it is sharp
giishkadaawangaa vii it is a sand bank
giishkadinaa vii it is a cliff, is a steep bank
giishkakamigaa vii it is a bank or steep face of earth
giishkaabikaa vii it is a steep rock face
giishkaagonagaa vii it is a snow bank
giishkaakiiweyaa vii it is a steep hill
giishkaamikaa vii there is a drop-off
giishkaazhibikaa vii there is a rock cliff
giishkizigwaa vii it is an ice bank
giizhoodaawangaa vii there is warm sand
giizhookamigaa vii it is warm ground
giizhoosagaa vii it is a warm floor
giizhooyaa vii it is warm
gooniwakamigaa vii it is snowy ground
gwayakogamaa vii it is a straight lake
gwayakotigweyaa vii it is a straight river
gwayakwakamigaa vii it is level ground
gwayakwaa vii
  1. it is straight
  2. it is correct
inadinaa vii it is a certain kind of hill
inakamigaa vii it is ground of a certain slope or condition
inaabikaa vii there is a certain kind of rock; there is rock or a rocky ridge going a certain way
inaamikaa vii it is a certain kind of bottom
inaashkaa vii waves come a certain way, to a certain place
inigokobagaa vii there are leaves of such a size, leaves so big
inigokwadesagaa vii it has a floor area of a certain width, is so wide a room
inigokwadetigweyaa vii it is so wide a river
inigokwadeyaa vii it is a certain width, is so wide
inigokwaa vii it is a certain size, is so big
inweweyaashkaa vii waves make a certain sound
ishkwegamaa vii it is the last lake
ishpadinaa vii it is a high hill or ridge
ishpakamigaa vii it is high ground
ishpashkosiwagaa vii there is high grass
ishpaa vii it is high up
ishpaabikaa vii there is a high rocky ridge or cliff
ishpaagonagaa vii it is deep snow
ishpibiiyaa vii the water rises, is high
izhigamaa vii it is a lake of a certain kind or shape
izhitigweyaa vii it (river) flows a certain way, flows to a certain place
jaangaa vii it is a corner, angle
jiibwadinaa vii [BL] it is a pointed hill
jiibwaa vii [BL] it is pointed
jiibwaabikaa vii there is a pointed rock
madweyaashkaa vii waves can be heard, "you" can hear the waves
makadewadaawangaa vii there is black sand, a black beach
makadewakamigaa vii it is black ground
makadewaa vii it (canoe) is black, is dark (in color)
makadewaagonagaa vii it is dark dirty snow
makadewizigwaa vii there is dark ice
mamadweyaashkaa vii it (waves) can be heard
mamaachaawan vii they are big
mamaangadeyaawan vii they (inanimate) are wide
mamaangaashkaa vii there are big waves
mamaangibagaa vii there are big leaves; it has big leaves
mangadegamaa vii it is a wide lake
mangadekamigaa vii it is a wide stretch of ground
mangadesagaa vii it has a wide floor area, is a wide room
mangadetigweyaa vii it is wide river
mangadeyaa vii it is wide
mangadinaa vii there is a big hill
mangashkigaa vii it is a big muskeg
mangashkiigaa vii it is a big muskeg
mangidiyeyaa vii it has a big rear end
mangigamaa vii it is a big lake
mangisagaa vii it is a big room or floor space
mangitigweyaa vii it (a river) is wide
manoominitigweyaa vii it (a river) has wild rice growing in it
mashkawadaawangaa vii there is hard sand, packed sand
mashkawakamigaa vii it is hard ground
mashkawaa vii it is strong, is hard, is dense
mashkawizigwaa vii it (ice- or cake-like) is hard, is firm
mashkiigwakamigaa vii it is swampy ground
mashkiigwaagamaa vii there is a swampy lake or a swampy part of a lake
mashkosiinsiwakamigaa vii it (the ground) is grassy
mashkosiiwakamigaa vii it (the ground) is grassy (with high grass)
mashkosiiwitigweyaa vii it is a grassy river
maanakamigaa vii it is poor ground, is rough ground
michaa vii it is big
michizigwaa vii there is bare ice
minisinadaawangaa vii there is an offshore sandbar, an island of sand
minisinaakwaa vii it is a stand of trees in an open area; there is a grove of trees
minisinikobaa vii there is an isolated patch of brush
minwadaawangaa vii it is nice and sandy
minwadinaa vii it is a nice hill
minwakamigaa vii it is nice ground, level ground
minwashkiigaa vii it is a nice and level muskeg
minweweyaashkaa vii the waves sound nice
miskobagaa vii there are red leaves
miskokobaa vii it is red brush. there is red brush
miskozigwaa vii it (something in a cake or bar) is red
miskwadaawangaa vii there is red sand
miskwakamigaa vii it is red earth; it is red ground
miskwaa vii they (inanimate) are red
miskwiiwakamigaa vii it is bloody ground
miskwiiwaagonagaa vii there is bloody snow
miskwiiwibagaa vii there are bloody leaves
miskwiiwisagaa vii it is a bloody floor
mishawashkosiwagaa vii
mitakamigaa vii the ground is bare of snow
mitaabikaa vii it is bare rock or metal, is just rock or metal
mitaawangaa vii it is a sandy beach
mitaawangaagamaa vii it is a sandy lake
mitaawangaamikaa vii there is a sandy bottom
mitaawangwakamigaa vii [NI] it (the ground) is sandy
mitaawangwiindimaa vii it (body of water) has a sandy bottom
miziweyaa vii it is whole, is intact
miziwezigwaa vii it (something in a cake or bar) is whole, is in one piece
miishaa vii it is hairy, is fuzzy
nabagaa vii it is flat
nedaawangaa vii it is a sand spit, a sandy point
nekamigaa vii it is point of ground
nekobaa vii it is a point of brush
neshangaa vii it is limber, is slack
neyaabikaa vii it is a rocky point or cape
neyaakwaa vii there is a point of trees
neyaawangaa vii it is a sandy point
nibiiwakamigaa vii it is wet ground
nibiiwashkiigaa vii it is a wet muskeg
nibiiwashkosiwagaa vii there is wet grass
nibiiwaabikaa vii there is wet rock
nibiiwaakwaa vii it is wet in the woods
nibiiwaandagaa vii there are wet boughs
nibiiwibagaa vii there are wet leaves
nibiiwisagaa vii the floor is wet
nigiigwaakweyaa vii the woods are frosted
ningakamigaa vii it (the ground) is thawed
niibideyaakwaa vii there is a row of trees
niingidawaa vii it is forked, forks
niingidawitigweyaa vii it (a river) forks
niingidootigweyaa vii the river forks, has a fork in it
niisaakiiwekamigaa vii it (the ground) slopes downwards
niizhoogamaa vii there are twin lakes
nookakamigaa vii there is soft ground
nookashkweyaa vii it is soft birch bark
nookaa vii it is soft, is tender
nookaagonagaa vii there is soft snow
nookijiishkiwagaa vii there is soft mud
nookijiiyaa vii it (something bag-like, belly-like) is soft
nookizigwaa vii there is soft ice
noosookaa vii [BL] it is soft and fluffy
obashkiigaa vii it is a swampy channel or narrows, is a channel or narrows through muskeg
obaabikaa vii it is a rocky narrows
obaakweyaa vii it is a wooded narrows
obigamaa vii there is a channel between lakes; there is a narrows
ogidaakiiwekamigaa vii it (the ground) slopes upwards
ombakamigaa vii there is a rise in the ground
ondaashkaa vii waves come from a certain place or direction
onjitigweyaa vii it (river) flows from a certain place
onzaamaagonagaa vii there is too much snow
oshedinaa vii there is a ridge
oshekamigaa vii it (ground) forms a ridge or pile
osheyaabikaa vii there is a rocky ridge or reef
ozhaashakamigaa vii it is slippery ground
ozhaashaa vii it is slippery, is slick
ozhaashaabikaa vii there is slippery rock
ozhaashaagonagaa vii there is slippery snow; it is slippery with snow
ozhaashibagaa vii there are slippery leaves
ozhaashibiiyaa vii it is slippery from a liquid
ozhaashijiishkiwagaa vii there is slippery mud
ozhaashikwaa vii there is slippery ice
ozhaashisagaa vii it is a slippery floor
ozhaashizigwaa vii there is slippery ice
ozaawadaawangaa vii there is brown sand
ozaawakamigaa vii it is a brown or yellowish landscape
ozhaawashkwaa vii it is blue, is green
ozaawaa vii it is yellow, is brown
ozaawaagonagaa vii there is yellow snow
ozaawibagaa vii there are brown or yellow leaves
ozhaawishkwaa vii [NI] it is blue, is green
ozaawizigwaa vii it (slab-like) is yellow, is brown
oziigaa vii it is wrinkled
wabaa vii it is a narrows
wabigamaa vii there is a channel between lakes; there is a narrows
washkitigweyaa vii it (a river) flows around a bend
wawaashkitigweyaa vii it is a winding river
waabiganakamigaa vii there is clayey ground
waabijiiyaa vii it is grey
waabishkadaawangaa vii there is white sand
waabishkaa vii it is white
waabishkizigwaa vii it (cake-like, ice) is white, there is white ice
waagaa vii it is bent
waagijiiyaa vii it (something three-dimensional and soft) is bent
waanadaawangaa vii there is a depression or dip in the sand
waanakamigaa vii there is a depression or hollow in the ground
waaninitigweyaa vii the river has a bend in it
waanisagaa vii there is a dip in the floor
waasaashkaa vii it (lake) has whitecaps
waaseyaa vii it is bright, is light (as in the day), is radiant; it is sunny
waaseyaagonagaa vii there is bright snow (on the ground)
waasikwaa vii it is shiny
waawiyegamaa vii it is a round lake
waawiyesagaa vii it has a round floor area, is a round room
waawiyeyaa vii it is round, is circular
wekwaayaakwaa vii it is the end of the woods, end of the bush
wiibwaa vii it becomes narrow; it constricts
wiikwegamaa vii it is a bay
wiikwekamigaa vii it is end of the ground
wiikweyaa vii it is a bay
wiimbaa vii
wiinadaawangaa vii there is dirty sand
wiinakamigaa vii it is dirty ground
wiinaagonagaa vii there is dirty snow
wiinijiishkiwagaa vii there is patch of dirty mud
wiinisagaa vii the floor is dirty
zhakakamigaa vii it is damp ground
zhakaa vii it is damp
zhakaagonagaa vii there is soft wet snow
zhaabwaateyaa vii it is transparent
zhaagawaa vii it is oblong or oval
zhaagawigamaa vii it is an oval lake
zaagibagaa vii the leaves come out; it buds
zaateyaa vii it is stale; it is rancid
zhiibaayaa vii it has space to go through; there is a passage or tunnel
zhiibaayaamikaa vii there is a passage, tunnel, or trench in the bottom (of a body of water)
zhiibaayaandagaa vii there is a space under the boughs
ziibiinsiwakamigaa vii it is a dry stream bed
ziindaa vii it is a tight space
zhiiwaa vii [RL] it is sour
zhooshkozigwaa vii there is smooth ice
zhooshkwakamigaa vii it is smooth ground
zhooshkwaa vii it is smooth, slick
zhooshkwaagonagaa vii there is smooth snow