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asiniiwakamigaa vii

there is rocky ground, a rocky area

asiniiwakamigaa 0s ind; asiniiwakamigaag 0s conj; asiniiwakamigaang loc; Stem: /asiniiwakamigaa-/

Inanimate intransitive verbs describing natural features also often as locative nouns ending in /-ng/ with the meaning in, at, or to that kind of place. These nouns, derived from the verb with a final /-w/, rarely appear without the locative ending and are generally not given in this dictionary as main entries. Their attested locative forms appear in the entries for the underlying verbs.

asiniiwakamigaa /asiniiwakamigaa-/: /asiniiw-/
stone, rock
; /-akamig-/
land, ground, event
; /-aa/
it is in a state or condition