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agaasadekamigaa vii nj

it is a narrow stretch of ground

agaasadekamigaa 0s ind; agaasadekamigaag 0s conj; agaasadekamigaang loc; Stem: /agaasadekamigaa-/

agaasadekamigaa0s ind nj

agaasadekamigaag0s conj nj

agaasadekamigaang loc nj

Note on locatives. Inanimate intransitive verbs describing natural features also often occur as locative nouns ending in /-ng/ with the meaning in, at, or to that kind of place. These nouns, derived from the verb with an added final /-w/, rarely appear without the locative ending and are generally not given in this dictionary as main entries. Their attested locative forms appear in the entries for the underlying verbs and are marked as loc.

agaasadekamigaa /agaasadekamigaa-/: /agaas-/
; /-ade-/
; /-akamig-/
land, ground, landscape; event
; /-aa/
it is in a state or condition