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babaamiwizh vta take, carry, guide h/ about

Paired with: babaamiwidoon vti2

babaamizi vai s/he does business, goes about on his business

babaamiziwin ni business; responsibility

babaamizii-mashkimod ni a briefcase

babaamiziiwayaan ni a business suit

babaamiziiwinini na a businessman

babaamose vai s/he walks about, takes a stroll

babaamoode vai s/he crawls about, crawls around

babaamoodebatoo vai s/he crawls about fast

babaamoom vta carry h/ about on h/ back

Paired with: babaamoondan vti

babaamoomaawaso vai s/he carries a baby around on h/ back

babaamoomigo vai s/he rides about on horseback

babaamoondan vti carry it about on h/ back

Paired with: babaamoom vta

babaamweweba'idiwag vai they are heard running about together

babaamwewebatoo vai s/he is heard running about, heard running around

babaamwewebizo vai s/he is heard speeding, driving, flying about

babaamwewesagibatoo vai s/he is heard running around on the floor

babaamwewesagidaabii vai s/he, it (animate) is heard dragging something around on the floor

babaamweweshin vai s/he is heard walking about

babaamweweyaadagaa vai s/he is heard swimming about

See also: babaamweweyaadage vai [BL]

babaamweweyaadagaako vai s/he is heard going about on the ice

babaamweweyaadagaazii vai s/he is heard wading around

babaamweweyaadage vai [BL] s/he is heard swimming about

See also: babaamweweyaadagaa vai

babaamweweyaashi vai s/he is heard flying, soaring, sailing about

babegikaadad vii it is slow

Paired with: babegikaadizi vai