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babegikaadawinzo vai s/he picks berries slowly

babegikaadaanagidoone vai s/he talks slow

babegikaadendam vai2 s/he thinks slowly, is slow in mental activity

babegikaadizi vai s/he is pokey; s/he is real slow

Paired with: babegikaadad vii

babenag adv tmp a little better, a little more, improving

babig na a flea

(verb of possession) obabigomi vai s/he has a flea or fleas
babigozigwaa vii there is bumpy ice

babigwan ni [BL] a flute

See also: bibigwan ni

babigwanagekozi vai s/he (a tree) has bumpy bark

babigwanwi ni marked shot of moccasin game

babigwaabikad vii it is lumpy (mineral)

Paired with: babigwaabikizi vai

babigwaabikizi vai s/he is bumpy, is lumpy (as something mineral)

Paired with: babigwaabikad vii

babigwaagamin vii it (liquid) is lumpy

babigwegad vii it (sheet-like) is bumpy, is lumpy

See also: babigwegizi vai

babigwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is bumpy, is lumpy

Paired with: babigwegad vii

babigweyaa vii

babima'adoo vai s/he keeps following a trail along

babima'azh vta keep tracking h/ along, keep following h/ trail along

babimaadagaa vai s/he swims around here and there

babimaadizi vai s/he keeps living

babimaazhagaame vai s/he goes along on the shore or edge of something

babimishkaa vai

babimose vai s/he walks about, takes a stroll

babimoode vai s/he crawls about here and there

babizindam vai2 s/he keeps listening, listens off and on