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babizindaw vta listen to h/ paying close attention

babizowebishkan vti keep tripping on it

babiichii vai s/he puts on h/ moccasins or shoes

babiikoga'waan na [BL]

babiikominagadoon vii they are round (like balls), are globular

babiikwadamon vii it is a bumpy road

babiikwadaasin vii there are snow drifts

babiikwadaawangaa vii there are sand dunes

babiikwadaawangaa'an vii there are sand dunes formed by waves

babiikwadaawangaasin vii there are sand dunes

babiikwadinaa vii there are hills here and there

babiikwakamigaa vii it is rolling ground, bumpy ground

babiikwasin na a boulder

babiikwashkiigaa vii it is a hummocky musekg

babiikwashkoozo vai it (a net) knots up

babiikwaakwadwaagonagin vta make h/ (snow) into snowballs

babiikwaanakwad vii it is a cumulus cloud

babiikwaanakwagoode vii there are cumulus clouds

babiikwaanaamikaa vii the bottom (of a body of water) is rough and bumpy

babiikwaanikwe'o vai s/he combs h/ hair in a wave or waves

babiinitam vai2 s/he doesn't listen, doesn't follow instructions, disregards or disobers instructions

babiinitaw vta don't follow h/ instructions, disregard or disobey h/ instructions

babiinzikawaagan ni a coat, a jacket

See also: biinzikawaagan ni

(verb of possession) obabiinzikawaagani vai s/he has a coat or jacket
babiisibii'an vti write it small, draw it small

(detransitive) babiisibii'ige vai s/he writes small
babiisibii'ige vai s/he writes small