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ode' nid h/ heart

ode'imin ni a strawberry

(verb of making) ode'iminike vai s/he picks strawberries, processes strawberries
ode'iminaganzh ni a strawberry plant

ode'imini-bakwezhigan na [BL] strawberry bannock

ode'imini-baashkiminasigan ni strawberry sauce or jam

ode'imini-giizis na June

ode'iminibag ni a strawberry leaf

ode'iminike vai s/he picks strawberries, processes strawberries

ode'iminikewi-giizis na [BL] June

odemikwaani vai s/he has a spoon or spoons, has a ladle or ladles

odemikwaani vai s/he (a turtle) has a shell

odenaniw ni [BL] trap trigger

odenaniw nid h/ tongue

odenaniwikaan ni

odengway nid [ML] h/ face

odengwaan nid [N] h/ face

nindengwaan nid [N] my face gidengwaan nid [N] your face
odenigoman nad h/ nostril

odeshkani vai s/he has horns, has antlers; it (animate; insect or bug) has antennae, has feelers

odewe'igani vai s/he has a drum or drums

odezigaami vai s/he has a woodtick or woodticks

odikinaagani vai s/he has a cradleboard, is in the cradleboard

odikomi vai s/he has lice

odikwemi vai he has a woman, has a wife

odinimaangan nid h/ shoulder

odiniigan nid h/ shoulder blade (scapula)