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odachaabii vai s/he has a bowstring

oda'amii vai s/he takes a step

odakiko vai s/he has a kettle, pot, pan, or pail

odakiimi vai s/he has land

odamikomi vai s/he has a beaver or beavers

odamino vai s/he plays

odaminwaage vai s/he uses (something) as a toy (derived noun) odaminwaagan na a doll (derived noun) odaminwaagan ni a toy; a plaything
odamino' vta make h/ play; play with h/

odaminoowaatese vii it is a movie for children, is a kid's movie

odaminoowigamig ni a recreation building

odaminwaadan vti play with it (as a toy)

Paired with: odaminwaazh vta

odaminwaagan ni a plaything; a toy

odaminwaagan na a doll

odaminwaaganikaan ni toy being made

odaminwaage vai s/he uses (something) as a toy

odaminwaagen vai + o play with it (as a toy); use it as a toy

odaminwaazh vta play with h/ (as a toy or doll)

Paired with: odaminwaadan vti

odanwiimi vai s/he has bullets, has (shotgun) shells

odasabaabisi vai [BL] s/he has thread

odasabii vai s/he has a net or nets

odasemaami vai s/he has tobacco

See also: odasemaawi vai

odasemaansimi vai s/he has a cigarette or cigarettes

odasemaawazhi vai s/he has a tobacco bag

odasemaawi vai s/he has tobacco

See also: odasemaami vai

odasiniinsimi vai s/he has gall stones

odatagaagomin na a blackberry