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odoodeman nad h/ clan

odoodemi vai s/he has a clan

odoodemim vta s/he has h/. as h/ clan or fellow clan member

(reciprocal) odoodemindiwag vai they have the same clan
odoodemindiwag vai they have the same clan

odoodenawi vai s/he has as h/ town

odoodikosiwan nad h/ kidney

odoodikosiwaapine vai s/he has a kidney disease

odoodooshiman nad her breast

odoogimaami vai s/he has a boss or bosses, a chief or chiefs

odoomoodaami vai s/he has a bottle

odoon nid h/ mouth

odoondan ni heel of shoe

odoondan nid h/ heel

odoondanegwaajigan ni a tab at heel of moccasin

odoonibiins na a tullibee

cisco, lake herring
Coregonus artedii

odoopwaagani vai s/he has a pipe or pipes

odooskwan nid h/ elbow

odoozhiman nad
  1. h/ nephew (parallel nephew: male's brother's son or female's sister's son)
  2. h/ stepson

odoozhimikweman nad h/ stepdaughter

odoozhimisan nad h/ niece (parallel niece: female's sister's daughter or male's brother's daughter)

ogashkibidaagani vai s/he has a medicine bag

ogashkibidaaganin vai + o have it or it (animate) as a pouch

ogashkimanisii na [NI] a kingfisher

belted kingfisher
Ceryle alcyon 

See also: ogiishkimanisii na

ogaa na a walleye

Stizostedion vitreum

ogaazhagensimi vai s/he has a cat or cats