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ogimaakwensiwi vai she is a princess

ogimaakwewi vai she is a leader, boss, chief, queen; she is the wife of a leader, boss, chief

ogimaans na a prince

ogimaawi vai s/he is a leader, is a boss, is a chief

ogimaawigamig ni an administrative office; a head office

ogimaawi' vta make h/ the boss or leader

ogimaawiwin ni government; authority; leadership

ogin na a tomato; a rose hip

(verb of abundance) oginiikaa vii there are (many) roses, rosehips
oginii-dagonigan ni ketchup, catsup

oginii-waabigwan ni a rose

oginiikaa vii there are (many) roses, rosehips

oginiiwaaboo ni tomato juice

oginiiwaande vii it is rose-colored, is pink

Paired with: oginiiwaanzo vai

oginiiwaanzan vti color it pink

oginiiwaanzo vai s/he or it (animate) is rose-colored, is pink

Paired with: oginiiwaande vii

oginiiwaatig ni a rose bush

Rosa spp

ogitiziiman nad h/ parent

ogii vai s/he has a mother

ogiidaajiwan adv loc [BL] upstream

See also: agidaajiwan adv loc [ML] ; ogidaajiwan adv loc

ogiidaajiwanwekwazhiwe vai s/he paddles upstream

ogiikadaanaangwe na a salamander, a lizard

ogiin nad h/ mother

ogiishkimanisii na a kingfisher

belted kingfisher
Ceryle alcyon

See also: ogashkimanisii na [NI]

ogiizhikimi vai s/he has cedar

ogokeyawin vai + o [N] have or use it/it (animate) as bait