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aniibiish ni
  1. a leaf
  2. tea

aniibiishibag ni a leaf

basswood leaf
wiigobiibag ni a basswood leaf

big leaf
mangibagad vii it is a big leaf

mamaangibagaa vii there are big leaves; it has big leaves

Paired with: mamaangibagizi vai

mamaangibagizi vai it (animate) has big leaves

Paired with: mamaangibagaa vii

birch leaf
wiigwaasibag ni a birch leaf

bloody leaves
miskwiiwibagaa vii there are bloody leaves

bright leaves
waatebagaa vii there are bright leaves

brown leaves
ozaawibagaa vii there are brown or yellow leaves

dried leaves
gaaskibag ni a dried leaf

green leaves
ashkibag ni a fresh green leaf

ashkibagaa vii there are green leaves

leaves bud
zaagibagaa vii it buds; the leaves come out

many leaves
aniibiishikaa vii there are (many) leaves

maple leaf
ininaatigobag ni a maple leaf

prickly leaf
gaashibagad vii it is a pricky leaf

red leaves
miskobag ni a red leaf

miskobagaa vii there are red leaves

Paired with: miskobagizi vai

miskobagizi vai s/he (a tree) has red leaves

Paired with: miskobagad vii

rustle leaves
gaaskibagitoo vai s/he rustles leaves

gaaskibagishin vai s/he rustles leaves while walking or falling

gaaskibagaasin vii leaves rustle in the wind

slippery leaves
ozhaashibagaa vii there are slippery leaves

yellow leaves
ozaawibagaa vii there are brown or yellow leaves

onjigaa vii it leaks, drips, runs with sap

Paired with: onjigaa vai

leak fast
gizhiigaa vii it drips, leaks fast

start to leak
maajigaa vii it starts to leak, drip; it starts to run with sap

stand leaning against
aaswaakogaabawi vai s/he stands leaning against something (a wall, a tree)

aatwaakogaabawi vai s/he stands leaning against something (a wall, a tree)

lean against (stick-like)
aatwaakoshim vta lean h/ against (as something stick- or wood-like)

Paired with: aatwaakosidoon vti2

aatwaakoshin vai s/he leans against (as something stick- or wood-like)

Paired with: aatwaakosin vii

aatwaakosidoon vti2 lean it against (as something stick- or wood-like

Paired with: aatwaakoshim vta

aatwaakosin vii it leans against (as something stick- or wood-like)

Paired with: aatwaakoshin vai

seek to learn
nanda-gikendan vti seek to know it, seek to learn it

Paired with: nanda-gikenim vta

learn by observation
gikinawaabam vta learn by observation of h/; imitate h/

gikinawaabi vai s/he learns by observation

in the least
ganage adv man in the least, by any means

See also: gaawiin ganage adv man ; gego ganage adv man

bashkwegin ni hide; leather

[not take]
leave leftovers
ishkwanjige vai s/he leaves leftovers

leave behind
nagadan vti leave it behind; abandon, outstrip it

Paired with: nagazh vta

nagazh vta leave h/ behind; abandon, outstrip h/

Paired with: nagadan vti

nagazhiwe vai s/he leaves people behind, abandons people

nagadamaw vta leave (it) behind for h/

[go away]
maajaa vai s/he leaves, goes off, departs

pretend to leave
maajaakaazo vai s/he pretends to leave

leave alone
leave alone
booni' vta leave h/ alone; quit h/

Paired with: boonitoon vti2

booni'idiwag vai they leave each other alone

booni'iwe vai s/he leaves people alone

boonitoon vti2 leave it alone; quit it

Paired with: booni' vta

boonichige vai s/he quits doing things, leaves things alone

boonichigaade vii it is left alone (by someone), "they" leave it alone, quit it

Paired with: boonichigaazo vai

boonichigaazo vai s/he is left alone (by someone), "they" leave h/ alone, quit h/

Paired with: boonichigaade vii