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start a fight
miigaadinoke vai s/he starts a fight, is the instigator of a fight

miigaazo vai s/he fights

feel like fighting
miigaadendam vai2 s/he feels like fighting

miigaadenim vta think of h/ as an enemy or adversary; feel like fighting h/

miigaadenindiwag vai they think of each other as enemies or adversaries; they feel like fighting each other

want to fight
miigaazoshki vai s/he is pugacious, always wants to fight

figure out
figure out
onendam vai2 s/he decides what to do, figures something out

Verbs having to do with acting on something by abrasion, as by sawing or filing something, may contain the vti2 verb final /-bood/ or the vta -final /-booN/; the initial of the verb indicates the manner or direction of the action, or the effect on the object. 
zisiboodoon vti2 file, grind it down; sharpen it (an ax)

Paired with: zisiboozh vta

zisiboozh vta file, grind h/ down

Paired with: zisiboodoon vti2

zisiboojige vai s/he files, grinds things down

zisiboode vii it is filed, ground down

Paired with: zisiboozo vai

zisiboozo vai s/he is filed, ground down

Paired with: zisiboode vii

file sharp
giiniboodoon vti2 sharpen it (by filing or grinding)

Paired with: giiniboozh vta

giiniboozh vta sharpen h/ (by filing or grinding)

Paired with: giiniboodoon vti2

start filing
maajiboodoon vti2 start sawing, start filing it

Paired with: maajiboozh vta

maajiboozh vta start sawing, start filing h/

Paired with: maajiboodoon vti2

maajiboojige vai s/he starts to saw, starts to file things

zisiboojigan ni a file, a rasp

mitigo-zisiboojigan ni a rasp

ashishawe-zisiboojiganens ni [BL] a triangular file

baanizhaawe vai s/he cuts meat into strips for preservation, filets fish

baanizhan vti cut it into strips, filet it

Paired with: baanizh vta

fill (with solids)
mooshkina' vta fill h/ (with solids)

Paired with: mooshkinadoon vti2 ; mooshkinatoon vti2 [N]

mooshkinadoon vti2 fill it (with solids)

Paired with: mooshkina' vta

fill half full (with solids)
aabitooshkina' vta fill h/ half full (with solids)

Paired with: aabitooshkinadoon vti2 [S]

aabitooshkinadoon vti2 [S] fill it half full (with solids)

Paired with: aabitooshkina' vta See also: aabitooshkinatoon vti2 [RL]

aabitooshkinatoon vti2 [RL] fill it half full (with solids)

Paired with: aabitooshkina' vta See also: aabitooshkinadoon vti2 [S]

fill to overflowing (with solids)
ziigashkina' vta fill h/ to overflowing (with solids)

Paired with: ziigashkinadoon vti2

ziigashkinadoon vti2 fill it to overflowing (with solids)

Paired with: ziigashkina' vta

overfill (with solids)
onzaamashkina' vta overfill h/ (with solids)

Paired with: onzaamashkinadoon vti2

onzaamashkinadoon vti2 overfill it (with solids)

Paired with: onzaamashkina' vta

fill (with liquid)
mooshkinebadoon vti2 fill it (with liquid)

Paired with: mooshkinebazh vta

mooshkinebazh vta fill h/ (with liquid)

Paired with: mooshkinebadoon vti2

fill half full (with liquid)
aabitoobadoon vti2 fill it half full (with liquid)

Paired with: aabitoobazh vta

aabitoobazh vta fill h/ half full (with liquid)

Paired with: aabitoobadoon vti2

fill to overflowing (with liquid)
ziigibadoon vti2 fill it to overflowing (with liquid)

Paired with: ziigibazh vta

ziigibazh vta fill h/ to overflowing (with liquid)

overfill (with liquid)
onzaamibazh vta overfill h/ (with liquid); give h/ too much to drink

Paired with: onzaamibadoon vti2

onzaamibadoon vti2 overfill it (with a liquid)

Paired with: onzaamibazh vta

fill out
fill out a form
mooshkinebii'ige vai s/he fills out a form

well filled
minwashkine vii it fits well; it is well filled

Paired with: minwashkine vai

minwashkine vai s/he fits well; s/he is well filled

filled with smoke
mooshkineyaabate vii it is filled with smoke

oninjigan nid its (fish) fin; its (crayfish) pincer

broken-off fin
giishkininjigane it (fish) has a broken-off fin or fins; it (crayfish) has a broken-off pincer or pincers