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future / desiderative tense
future/desiderative tense
wii- pv tns is going to, will, want to

future tense
future tense
da- pv tns future tense (in independent order verbs with no personal preverb and, for some speakers, in unchanged conjunct verbs)

ga- pv tns future tense

See also: gad- pv tns

gad- pv tns future tense

ga- pv tns

miishaa vii it is hairy, is fuzzy

Paired with: miishizi vai

miishizi vai s/he is hairy, is fuzzy

Paired with: miishaa vii

miishiigizi vai it (animate- sheet-like) is fuzzy

Paired with: miishiigad vii

miishiigad vii it (sheet-like) is fuzzy

Paired with: miishiigizi vai