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/-gaade/ final

it undergoes action (by someone)
abizigaade vii it is warmed at the fire (by someone), "they" warm it at the fire
abiichigaade vii it is occupied
achigaade vii it is put in a certain place (by someone), "they" put it in a certain place
adisigaade vii it is dyed, colored (by someone), "they" dye, color it
agaasibii'igaade vii it is written small (by someone), "they" write it small
aginjigaade vii
  1. it is counted (by someone), "they" count it
  2. it is read (by someone), "they" read it
agokiwasigaade vii it is glued, is pasted on (by someone)
agonjijigaade vii it is put in to soak (by someone), "they" put it in to soak
agwa'igaade vii it is attached (by someone); it is sewn on (by someone)
agwana'igaade vii it is covered (by someone), "they" cover it
agwapijigaade vii it is attached by being tied on (by someone), "they" attach it by tying
agwaabiiginigaade vii it is take out of or off the water (by someone)
agwaa'oojigaade vii it is taken ashore by boat
agwaakwa'igaade vii it is posted (by someone), "they" post it
agwaasijigaade vii it is taken ashore; it is taken off the fire
agwaawebinigaade vii it is thrown out of the water, is thrown ashore
agwinjijigaade vii it is put into the water, immersed (by someone), "they" put it into the water, immerse it
ajidinigaade vii it is held, turned upside down (by someone), "they" hold, turn it upside down
akwaabiigizhigaade vii it is cut to a certain length (by someone), "they" cut it to a certain length
animikonigaade vii it is turned face down (by someone), "they" turn it face down, it is turned facing away (by someone), "they" turn it facing away
animikosijigaade vii it is laid face down (by someone), "they" lay it face down
anishinaabewibii'igaade vii it is written in Indian (Ojibwe) by someone, "they" write it in Indian (Ojibwe)
apagijigaade vii it is thrown (by someone), "they" throw it
asiginigaade vii it is gathered up (by someone), "they" gather it up
azhenizha'igaade vii it is sent back (by someone), "they" send it back
azhewijigaade vii it is carried back (by someone), "they" carry it back
aaba'igaade vii it is undone, untied, unfastened (by someone), "they" undo, untie, unfasten it
aabajichigaade vii it is used (by someone), "they" use it
aabaabika'igaade vii it is unlocked (by someone), "they" unlock it
aabiskonigaade vii it is undone (by someone), "they" undo it (using the hand)
aabiskweginigaade vii it is unfolded by somebody, "they" unfold it (as something sheet-like); it is unwrapped (by someone), "they" unwrap it (as something sheet-like)
aaboojiiginigaade vii it (something sheet-like) is turned inside out (by someone)
aanikoosijigaade vii it is laid joining something (by someone), "they" lay it joining something; it is linked, is hitched on
aanjibii'igaade vii it is rewritten, "they" rewrite it
aanjichigaade vii it is changed; it is made different
aasonigaade vii it is supported (by someone with hand), "they" support it (with hand)
aawajigaade vii it is hauled (by someone), they" haul it
aazhawa'oojigaade vii it is taken across by boat, is ferried across (by someone)
babaamiwijigaade vii it is carried, taken around (by someone), "they" carry, take it about
badagwana'igaade vii it is covered (by someone), "they" cover it
badakisijigaade vii it is stuck in something, planted in the ground (by someone)
bagidinigaade vii it is set down, offered, released, allowed (by someone), "they" set it down; offer, release, allow it
bagijwebinigaade vii it is released quickly (by someone), thrown down quickly (by someone)
bagone'igaade vii it has a hole drilled in it, "they" drill a hole in it
bagwa'igaade vii it is patched (by someone), "they" patch it
bakite'igaade vii it is hit, struck (by someone), "they" hit, strike it
bakobii'igaade vii it is put in the water (by someone), "they" put it in the water
bakobiiwebinigaade vii it is thrown into the water (by someone), "they" throw it into the water
bakwezhigaade vii it has a piece cut off it, "they" cut a piece off it
baninigaade vii it is dropped (by someone), "they" let it drop
bashkoga'igaade vii it is clearcut
bashkwada'igaade vii it is cleared off, weeded (using something like a hoe) by someone
bawishkaachigaade vii it is winnowed (by someone), "they" winnow it
baakaakonigaade vii it is opened (as something stick- or wood-like, e.g., a door) (by someone), "they" open it
baakinigaade vii it is opened, uncovered (by someone), "they" open, uncover it
baapichigaade vii it is being laughed at (by someone), "they" laugh at it
baasa'igaade vii it is cracked, shattered (by someone using something), "they" crack, shatter it (using something)
baasibijigaade vii it is cracked or shattered (by someone, with hands), "they" crack or shatter it (with hands)
baasigaade vii it is dried (by someone), "they" dry it
baazhida'igaade vii it is stepped over, "they" step over it
beshibii'igaade vii it is marked with a line or stripe (by someone), "they" mark it with a line or stripe
bigishkizhigaade vii it is cut to pieces (by someone), "they" cut it to pieces
bigiikaajigaade vii it is tarred, pitched (by someone), "they" tar, pitch it
bimiwijigaade vii it is carried along (by someone), "they" carry it along
bina'igaade vii it is taken down (by someone), "they" take it down
biskibijigaade vii it is bent over, folded (by someone) (with hands), "they" bent it over, fold it (with hands)
biskinigaade vii it is bent over, folded (by someone) (with hands), "they" bent it over, fold it (with hands)
biskiiginigaade vii it is folded (by someone) [as something sheet-like]
bishigwapijigaade vii it is missed in being tied (by someone), "they" miss tying it
biidaadojigaade vii the news of it is brought (by someone), "they" bring the news of it; it is forecasted (by someone), "they" forecast it
biigobijigaade vii it is torn, ripped (by someone), "they" tear, rip it
biigonigaade vii it is broken up
biigozhigaade vii it is cut up
biigwanjigaade vii it is chewed up (by someone), "they" chew it up
biijigaade vii it is brought (by someone), "they" bring it
biina'igaade vii it is put in (by someone), "they" put it in
biindigajigaade vii it is brought in (by someone), "they" bring it in
biinichigaade vii it is cleaned (by someone), "they" clean it
biisada'igaade vii it is chopped into small pieces (by someone), "they" chop it into small pieces
boodaajii'igaade vii it is inflated (by someone), "they" inflate it
bookwanaka'igaade vii the top or tip of it is broken off (by someone)
boonichigaade vii it is left alone (by someone), "they" leave it alone, quit it
boozichigaade vii it is loaded on (by someone), "they" load it on; it is put on board (by someone), "they" put in on board
dagonigaade vii it is added, mixed in (by someone), "they" add, mix it in
dagozigaade vii it is added to cook
dakobijigaade vii it is tied, bound (by someone)
dakonigaade vii it is held (by someone), "they" hold it
dakwaabiigizhigaade vii it (string-like) is cut short (by someone), "they" cut it (string-like) short
danaadojigaade vii it is told of in a certain place (by someone), "they" tell of it in a certain place
daninigaade vii it is held in a certain place (by someone), "they" hold it in a certain place
dazhinjigaade vii it is talked, gossiped about (by someone), "they" talk, gossip about it
dazhiikigaade vii it is worked on, worked at (by someone), "they" work on it, at it
daanginigaade vii it is touched (by someone), "they" touch it
daashkiga'igaade vii it is split (by someone chopping it), "they" split it (by chopping)
debibijigaade it is grabbed, caught, reached and taken, got hold of (by someone)
diba'igaade vii it is paid, paid for (by someone), "they" pay it or for it
dibaadojigaade vii it is told of, reported (by someone), "they" tell of, report it
dibaadojigaazo vai s/he is told of, reported (by someone), "they" tell of, report h/
dibaakonigaade vii it is a court matter
dibenjigaade vii it is controlled, owned, ruled (by someone), "they" control, own, rule it
gabaachigaade vii it is cooked by boiling (by someone), "they" cook it by boiling
ganawaabanjigaade vii it is looked at (by someone, "they" look at it, it is watched (by someone), "they" watch it
ganawenjigaade vii it is taken care of, protected, kept (by someone), "they" take care of, protect, keep it
gashka'oojigaade vii it is laced and tied (by someone), "they" lace and tie it
gashkaabika'igaade vii it is locked (by someone), "they" lock it
gashkaakwa'igaade vii it is locked (by someone), "they" lock it
gashkibijigaade vii it is wrapped and tied in a bundle (by someone)
gashkiiginigaade vii it is wrapped (by someone), "they" wrap it
gawa'igaade vii it is chopped down (by someone), "they" chop it down
gawinigaade vii it is taken down (by someone), "they" take it down
gaajigaade vii it is hidden (by someone), "they" hide it
gaanda'igaade vii it is pushed (by someone) Using something), "they" push it (using something)
gaandinigaade vii it is pushed (by someone) Using something), "they" push it (using something)
gaanjweba'igaade vii it is shoved (by someone) (using something), "they" shove it (using something)
gaanjwebishkigaade vii it is shoved (with foot or body) (by someone), "they" shove it (with foot or body)
gaanzikigaade vii it is pushed (with foot or body) (by someone), "they" push it (with foot or body)
gaapizigaade vii it is cooked or roasted dry and crisp, parched (by someone)
gaasiibii'igaade vii it is erased (by someone), "they" erase it
gaasii'igaade vii it is wiped (by someone) (using something), "they" wipe it (using something)
giba'igaade vii it is stopped up, plugged, blocked (by someone), "they" stop it up, plug, block it
gibaabowe'igaade vii it has a lid on it, "they" put a lid on it
gibaakwa'igaade vii it is shut, blocked, dammed (as or as with something stick- or wood-like) (by someone), "they" shut, block, plug, dam it
gibiiga'igaade vii it (sheet-like) is closed, is shut (by someone), "they" close, shut it (sheet-like)
gibokiwasigaade vii it is glued shut (by someone), "they" glue it shut
gidasigaade vii it is roasted (to remove something), is parched [of wild rice]
gidaagaade all of it eaten (by someone), "they" eat all of it
gidiskaabiiginigaade vii it is released, disconnected, unhooked, unplugged (as something string-like) (by someone), "they" release, disconnect, unhook, unplug it (as something string-like)
gikachigaade vii it is pawned, hocked (by someone), "they" pawn, hock it
gikinawaajibii'igaade vii it is marked (by someone), "they" mark it; it is traced by someone, "they" trace it
gikinawaajichigaade vii it is marked (by someone), "they" mark it
ginigawinigaade vii it is mixed in (by someone), "they" mix it in
ginwaabiigizhigaade vii it (string-like) is cut long (by someone), "they" cut it (string-like) long
gizhibaawebinigaade vii it is spun, whirled, cranked (by someone)
giziibiiga'igaade vii it is washed (by someone), "they" wash it
giziibiiginigaade vii it is washed (by someone), "they" wash it
giishkibijigaade vii it is torn off (by someone), "they" tear it off
giishkiga'igaade vii it is cut through (by someone) (with an ax), "they" cut through it (with an ax); it is chopped (by someone) (with an ax), "they" chop it (with an ax)
giishkizhigaade vii it is cut off (by someone), "they" cut it off
giiwewijigaade vii it is carried, taken home (by someone), "they" carry, take it home
giizhichigaade vii it is finished (by someone), "they" finish it
gojichigaade vii it is tried out (by someone), "they" try it out
gopiwijigaade vii it is carried, taken inland (by someone), "they" carry, take it inland
gwayakobii'igaade vii it is written correctly (by someone), "they" write it correctly
gwekinigaade vii it is turned (by someone) by hand
ikobijigaade vii it is pulled up out of the way, "they" pull it up out of the way
ikonigaade vii it is set out of the way (by someone), "they" set it out of the way
ikosijigaade vii it is put out of the way, removed (by someone), "they" put it out of the way, remove it
ikowebinigaade vii it is pushed, shoved, tossed, thrown out of the way (by someone), "they" push, shove, toss, throw it aside or out of the way
ikweginigaade vii it (sheet-like) is held or put higher, out of the way (by someone)
inaaginigaade vii it is bent a certain way (by someone), "they" bend it a certain way
inaakonigaade vii it is decided in a certain way (by someone), "they" decide it a certain way; it is decreed a certain way
ininigaade vii it is held a certain way (by someone), "they" hold it a certain way; it is handled a certain way (by someone), "they" handle it a certain way
inizhigaade vii it is cut a certain way (by someone),"they" cut it a certain way
iskigamizigaade vii it is boiled down (by someone), "they" boil it down
ishkonigaade vii it is reserved, saved, left (by someone), "they" reserve, save, leave it
ishkozhigaade vii it is left uncut (by someone), "they" leave it uncut
ishkwanjigaade vii it is left over from eating (by someone), "they" leave left-over food
izhibii'igaade vii it is written a certain way (by someone), "they" write it a certain way; it is colored such a color (by someone), "they" color it such a color
izhichigaade vii it is made a certain way (by someone), "they" make it a certain way
izhinizha'igaade vii it is sent to a certain place (by someone), "they" send it to a certain place
izhiwijigaade vii it is taken, carried to a certain place (by someone), "they" take, carry it to a certain place
izhiiginigaade vii it (sheet-like) is folded a certain way
jaaginigaade vii it is used up, depleted (by someone), "they" use it up, deplete it
madaabiiwijigaade vii it is taken, carried down to the shore (by someone), "they" take, carry it down to the shore
madwe'igaade vii it is drummed on (by someone), "they" drum on it
mamigaade vii it is taken (by someone), "they" take it, it is picked up (by someone), "they" pick it up
manaajichigaade vai it is spared, is respected (by someone), "they" spare, respect, go easy on it
mashkawinigaade vii it is held tight (by someone), "they" hold it tight
mazinaabidoo'igaade vii it is decorated with with loom beadwork (by someone)
mazinibii'igaade vii it is drawn (by someone), "they" draw it
mazinichigaade vii it is repesented or depicted in an image; it is decorated
maagonigaade vii it is pressed on (by someone with hand), "they" press on it (with hand)
maajinizha'igaade vii it is sent off (by someone), "they" send it off
maajiijigaade vii it is taken away (by someone), "they" take it away, it is taken along (by someone), "they" take it along
maajiiwijigaade vii it is taken away, carried away (by someone), "they" take, carry it away
maamawisijigaade vii it is put together (by someone), "they" put it together
maamiginigaade vii it is collected together, "they" collect it/them together
maazhibii'igaade vii it is written badly (by someone)
mikigaade vii it is found (by someone), "they" find it
minjikanaakobijigaade vii it is fenced, fenced in
minjiminigaade vii it is held in place (by someone), "they" hold it in place
minobii'igaade vii it is written well (by someone), "they" write it well
miziwebii'gaade vii it is written on all over (by someone), "they" write on it all over
miikonigaade vii it is shot right on target (by someone), "someone" shoots it right on target
miikwa'igaade vii it is hit dead center (by someone)
miiwinigaade vii it is pushed away, is rejected (by someone), "they" push it away, reject it
mooka'igaade vii it is dug up, is exposed (using something)
moona'igaade vii it is dug up (by someone), "they" dig it up
mooshkinachigaade vii [N] it is filled, filled in (by someone), "they" fill it, fill it in
mooshkinajigaade vii it is filled, filled in (by someone), "they" fill it, fill it in
na'inigaade vii it is put away, stored (by someone), "they" put it away, store it
nanaa'ichigaade vii it is fixed, repaired (by someone), "they" fix, repair it
nandawaabanjigaade vii it is looked for, searched (by someone), "they" look for, search for it
nandone'igaade vii it is looked for, searched (by someone), "they" look for, search for it
naabidoo'igaade vii it is threaded, strung (by someone), "they" thread, string it
naajigaade vii it is fetched, picked up (by someone); "they" fetch it, pick it up
naajinizha'igaade vii it is sent for (by someone), "they" send for it
naanaagajichigaade vii close attention is paid to it (by someone), "they" pay close attention to it: guard, take care of, preserve, respect, study, analyze
naanigibijigaade vii it is ripped, torn (by someone), "they" rip, tear it
naazhenigaade vii it is turned down (by someone), "they" turn it down
ningizigaade vii it is thawed or melted (by someone)
ningwa'igaade vii it is buried (by someone), "they" bury it; it is covered (by someone) with something (soil, sand, snow, leaves, etc.), "they" cover it with something (soil, sand, snow, leaves, etc.)
ningwakamiga'igaade vii it is buried in ground (by someone), "they" bury it in the ground
ningwaagone'igaade vii it is covered with snow (by someone), "they" cover it with snow
nishwanaajichigaade vii it is wasted, spoiled, destroyed, "they" waste, spoil, destroy it
niisaabiiginigaade vii it is lowered on a rope (by someone), "they" lower it on a rope
niisiiwezhigaade vii it cut into a fringe (by someone), "they" cut it into fringe
noomaabikinigaade vii it is lubricated (by someone), "they" lubricate it
noominigaade vii it is greased, oiled (by someone), "they" grease, oil it
nooshkaachigaade vii it is winnowed (by someone), "they" winnow it
odaabaajigaade vii it is dragged (by someone), "they" drag it
odaapinigaade vii it is taken, accepted, picked up (by someone); "they" take, accept, pick it up
ojibwewibii'igaade vii it is written in Ojibwe (by someone); "they" write it in Ojibwe
okaadenigaade vii it is braided (by someone); "they" braid it
okosijigaade vii it is piled, stacked (by someone); "they" pile, stack it
ombaabiiginigaade vii it is hoisted, lifted, raised with a rope (by someone); "they" hoist, lift, raise it with a rope
ombibijigaade vii it is pulled upward (by someone), "they" pull it upward
ombinigaade vii it is lifted, raised (by someone); "they" lift, raise it
ombwewebinigaade vii it is thrown around (by someone), "they" throw it around
onaabanjigaade vii it is chosen, selected, picked (by someone), "they" choose, select, pick it (by sight)
ondamishkigaade vii it is kept busy, is occupied by someone
ondinigaade vii it is obtained from a certain place (by someone); "they" get, obtain it from a certain place
oninigaade vii it is formed, shaped, assembled, put in order (by someone)
onizhigaade vii it is cut out, cut to shape (by someone), "they" cut it out, cut it so shape
onjiwijigaade vii it is carried from a certain place (by someone), "they" carry it from a certain place
onzigaade vii it is boiled (by someone), "they" boil it
ozhaawashkobii'igaade vii it is colored, painted blue or green (by someone)
ozaawaakizigaade vii it is toasted, is browned (by fire) (by someone), "they" toast it, brown it
ozaawibii'igaade vii it is painted or colored yellow (by someone), "they" paint or color it yellow; it is painted or colored brown (by someone), "they" paint or color it brown
ozhibii'igaade vii it is written (by someone), "they" write it; it is written down (by someone), "they" write it down
ozhichigaade vii it is made, built, formed (by someone), "they" make, build, form it
ozisijigaade vii it is set in place or in order
ozhiiginigaade vii it (sheet-like) is folded, prepared, set (by someone), "they" fold, prepare, set it (sheet-like)
wanenjigaade vii it is forgotten (by someone), "they" forget it
wanichigaade vii it is lost (by somone), "they" lose it; it is made wrong (by someone), "they" make it wrong
wawezhichigaade vii it is decorated (by someone), "they" decorate it
waabanjigaade vii it is seen (by someone), "they" see it
waabishkibii'igaade vii it is painted white (by someone), "they" paint it white
waagibijigaade vii it is bent (by someone), "they" bend it
waaginigaade vii it is bent (by hand) by someone, "they" bend it (by hand)
waasikwa'igaade vii it is polished, shined (by someone), "they" polish, shine it
waawaabanjigaade vii it is examined, inspected (by someone), "they" examine, inspect it
waawiyezhigaade vii it is cut round into a circle (by someone), "they" cut it round into a circle
waawiinjigaade vii it is talked about repreatedly, "they" keep talking about it; it is explained (by someone), "they" explain it
weba'igaade vii it is shoved away (by somebody) (using something), "they" shove it away (using something)
webinigaade vii it is thrown away (by someone), "they" throw it away
webizhigaade vii it is cut out or off, trimmed (by someone), "they" cut it out or off, trim it (by cutting)
wiikobijigaade vii it is pulled (by someone), "they" pull it
wiikongechigaade vii it is feasted (by someone), "they" feast it
wiikwanjigaade vii it is sucked out (by someone), "they" suck it out
wiinichigaade vii it is made dirty ( by someone), "they" make it dirty
wiiweginigaade vii it is wrapped (by someone), "they" wrap it
zaga'igaade vii it is fastened (with something) (by someone), "they" fasten it (with something); it is nailed (by someone), "they" nail it
zagakinigaade vii it is put away (by someone), "they" put it away; it is tidied (by someone), "they" tidy it
zagakisijigaade vii it is put away (by someone), "they" put it away; it is put in order (by someone), "they" put it in order
zagakiiginigaade vii it is folded and put away (by someone)
zagapijigaade vii it is tied on, towed, hitched (by someone), "they" tie on, tow, hitch it
zagaabiiginigaade vii it is attached on a line (by someone), "they" attach a line on it
zagaakwa'igaade vii it is fastened, pinned, buttoned (by someone), "they" fasten, pin, button it
zaka'igaade vii it is set on fire, lit (by someone), "they" set it on fire, light it
zhawenjigaade vii it is beloved; be respected
zhaabonigaade vii it is pushed through by somebody [by/with hand]
zhaaganaashiiwibii'igaade vii it is written in English (by someone), "they" write it in English
zaagichigaade vii it is loved, treasured (by someone), "they" love, treasure it
zaagijiwebinigaade vii it is thrown outside (by someone), "they" throw it outside
zaagijiwijigaade vii it is carried, taken out (by someone), "they" carry, take it out
zaagizichigaade vii it is taken out (by someone), "they" take it out
zhegonigaade vii it is stuck in a tight place (by someone), "they" stick it in a tight place
zinigonigaade vii it is rubbed with something (by someone), "they" rub it with something
zhizhoobii'igaade vii it is painted (by someone), "they" paint it
zhiibiigibijigaade vii it is stretched (by someone) (by pulling), "they" stretch it (by pulling)
ziiga'igaade vii it is poured out (by somone) (using something), "they" pour it out (using something)
ziiginigaade vii it is poured out (by someone), "they" pour it out
zhiigonigaade vii it is emptied (by someone), "they" empty it
ziigwebinigaade vii it is spilled, poured out, dumped out (by someone), "they" spill it, pour it out, dump it out
ziikoobiiginigaade vii it is strained (by someone), "they" strain it; it is drained, wrung out (by someone), "they" drain it, wring it out
ziinaakwa'igaade vii it is wrung out (by someone), "they" wring it out (using something stick-like)
zhiiwaagamizigaade vii it is cooked to syrup (by someone), "they" cook it to syrup
zhiiwinigaade vii [RL] it is sweetened (by someone), "they" sweeten it
zhiiwitaagana'igaade vii it is salted (by someone), "they" salt it