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ojibwewinikaazh vta name h/ in Ojibwe

Paired with: ojibwewinikaadan vti

ojibwewinikaazo vai s/he is named in Ojibwe

Paired with: ojibwewinikaade vii

ojibwewinini na an Ojibwe man

ojibwewisidoon vti2 put it into Ojibwe

ojibwewisin vii it is written in Ojibwe (e.g., a book)

ojichaago vai s/he has a spirit, has a soul

ojichaagobiishin vii it reflects in water

ojichaagwan nad h/ soul (the spirit within)

ojijaak na [BL] a sandhill crane

sandhill crane
Grus canadensis

See also: ajijaak na

ojijise vii it passes (as time); it comes (as time)

ojijiingwanabi vai s/he kneels

ojikweni vai s/he draws h/ head in

ojiibik ni a root

(verb of being) ojiibikaawan vii it has roots (verb of being) ojiibikaawi vai it (animate) has roots
ojiibikaawan vii it has roots

Paired with: ojiibikaawi vai

ojiibikaawi vai it (animate) has roots

Paired with: ojiibikaawan vii

ojiid nid h/ anus

ojiig na a fisher

Martes pennanti

ojiigaabaawadoon vti2 shrink it (something sheet-like) in water

Paired with: ojiigaabaawazh vta

ojiigaabaawazh vta

Paired with: ojiigaabaawadoon vti2

ojiigaabaawe vai it (animate; sheet-like) shrinks in water

Paired with: ojiigaabaawe vii

ojiigaabaawe vii it (sheet-like) shrinks in the water

Paired with: ojiigaabaawe vai

ojiigi-wiiyaakwa'igan ni [BL] fisher scent used as a lure in trapping

ojiigiwayaan na a fisher hide

ojiim vta kiss h/

(reciprocal) ojiindiwag vai they kiss
ojiimaani vai s/he has a boat, has a canoe