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gagaanwaakozidekawe vai s/he leaves long-footed tracks

gagaanwaakoziwag vai they (something animate and stick-like) are long

Paired with: gagaanwaakwadoon vii

gagaanwaakwadoon vii they (something stick-like) are long, are tall

Paired with: gagaanwaakoziwag vai

gagaanwaanikwe vai s/he has long hair

gagaanwaawan vii they are long

Paired with: gagaanooziwag vai

gagaanzitam vai2 s/he disobeys instructions

gagaanzitan vti disobey it

Paired with: gagaanzitaw vta

gagaanzitaw vta act contrary to h/ instructions

Paired with: gagaanzitan vti

gagaanzom vta persuade, urge, encourage, convince h/

gagaashaabide vai [BL] s/he has a sharp tooth or sharp teeth

gagaashiganzhii vai s/he has sharp nails or claws

gagaawinaweyendaagozi vai s/he is a stubborn pest, is hateful

gagijiganezh vta debone it (animate)

gagijiganezhwi vta [NI]

gagijiganezh vta

gagizhiibidooskwan vai h/ elbows itch

gagizhiibigaade vai s/he has itchy legs

gagizhiibinike vai h/ arms itch

gagizhiibininjii vai h/ hands itch

gagizhiibitawage vai h/ ears itch

gagiiba'an vti seal it up

gagiiba'oge vai s/he chinks a dwelling repeatedly (by filling gaps between logs or sticks with moss or mud)

gagiibanagaskwe vai s/he stutters

gagiibaadad vii it is foolish, is silly

Paired with: gagiibaadizi vai

gagiibaadaanagidoon vai [S] s/he talks crazy, talks nonsense

See also: gagiibaadaanagidoone vai [N]

gagiibaadaanagidoone vai [N] s/he talks crazy, talks nonsense