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measuring cup
measuring cup
dibi-gwaaba'igewinaaganens ni [BL] a measuring cup

measuring stick
measuring stick for timber
diba'aatigwaan ni a measuring used for measuring: a yardstick, a timber measuring stick, [esp. diminutive] a ruler

wiiyaas ni meat; flesh; a piece of meat

bear meat
mako-wiiyaas ni bear meat

beaver meat
amiko-wiiyaas ni beaver meat

buffalo meat
mashkode-bizhiki-wiiyaas ni buffalo meat

caribou meat
adiko-wiiyaas ni caribou meat

chicken meat
baaka'aakwenh-wiiyaas ni chicken meat

cut meat into strips
baanizhaawe vai s/he cuts meat into strips for preservation, filets fish

deer meat
waawaashkeshiwi-wiiyaas ni deer meat, venison

duck meat
zhiishiibi-wiiyaas ni duck meat

elk meat
omashkoozo-wiiyaas ni elk meat

fire-cured meat or fish
abwewasigan ni fire-cured meat or fish

bigishkiboode-wiiyaas ni ground meat, hamburger

zhishigwa'igan ni ground meat, hamburger

lamb (meat)
maanishtaanishi-wiiyaas ni lamb [meat]

moose meat
moozo-wiiyaas ni moose meat

muskrat meat
wazhashko-wiiyaas ni muskrat meat

partridge meat
binewi-wiiyaas ni partidge meat

porcupine meat
gaago-wiiyaas ni porcupine meat

gookoosh na a pig; pork

gookooshi-wiiyaas ni pork

gookooshiwi-wiiyaas ni [RL] ham; pork

pounded meat
nooka'iiwagwaan ni pemmican; pounded meat

nooka'iiwagwe vai s/he pounds meat, makes pemmican

rabbit meat
waaboozo-wiiyaas ni rabbit meat

raw meat
ashki-wiiyaas ni raw meat

ashkin vii it is raw (as meat)

Paired with: ashkini vai

ashkini vai s/he is raw, is uncooked

Paired with: ashkin vii

roasted meat
abwaajigan ni roasted meat or fish

turkey meat
mizise-wiiyaas ni turkey meat

meat market
meat market
wiiyaas-adaawewigamig ni a butcher shop, a meat market

automobile mechanic
nanaa'idaabaanewinini na an automobile mechanic

nanaa'idaabaanikewinini na an automobile mechanic

odaabaanikewinini na an automobile mechanic

mashkiki ni medicine, a medicine, a drug

nookwezigan ni a medicine for burning to make a smudge

bad medicine
maji-mashkiki ni poison; bad medicine: a remedy or spell having or intended to have negative results

burn as medicine
nookwezan vti smudge it medicinally

Paired with: nookwez vta

nookwezige vai s/he smudges things medicinally

dig medicine
moona'ashkikiwe vai s/he digs medicine

gather medicine
manashkikiwe vai s/he gathers medicine

go get medicine
naadashkikiwe vai s/he goes to get medicine

liquid medicine
mashkikiwaabo ni [BL] a medicinal tea, liquid medicine

See also: mashkikiwaaboo ni

mashkikiwaaboo ni a medicinal tea, liquid medicine

See also: mashkikiwaabo ni [BL]

make medicine
mashkikiike vai s/he makes medicine

medicinal tea
mashkikiwaaboo ni a medicinal tea, liquid medicine

See also: mashkikiwaabo ni [BL]

make medicinal tea
mashkikiwaabooke vai s/he makes liquid medicine

sleeping medicine
nibewi-mashkiki ni sleeping medicine

toothache medicine
dewaabide-mashkiki ni toothache medicine

Medicine Dance
Medicine Dance
Midewiwin ni Grand Medicine Society; Medicine Dance; Midewiwin

nagishkan vti meet it (while going somewhere)

Paired with: nagishkaw vta

nagishkaw vta meet h/ (while going somewhere)

Paired with: nagishkan vti

nagishkodaadiwag vai they meet each other (while going somewhere)

nakweshkaw vta meet h/

nakweshkodaadiwag vai they meet each other

council meeting
zagaswe'idiwag vai they have a council meeting; they have a ceremony

zagaswe'idiwin ni a council, a council meeting

have a meeting
maawanji'idiwag vai they come together, meet with each other, have a meeting

agosimaan ni [BL] a cucumber; a squash; a watermelon; a melon

eshkandaming ni-v a watermelon

agosimaan ni [BL] a cucumber; a squash; a watermelon; a melon