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dakadaawangaa vii there is cool sand, is a cool beach

dakagwinjidoon vti2 cool it in water

dakaji vai s/he gets a chill, has a cold

dakakamigaa vii it is cold ground

dakamanji'o vai s/he is chilled, feels cold

dakamaabikaa vii there are rocks extending across ahead

dakamaagone'igaade vii

dakamaakwaa vii there are trees extending across aheasd

dakamaanakwagoode vii there is a row of clouds extended across

dakamibiiyaa vii there is water extending across ahead

dakamisin vii it lies across in front

dakate vii it (a room or house) is cold

dakaa vii it (a thing) is cool

Paired with: dakizi vai

dakaabaawadoon vti2 cool it with water

Paired with: dakaabaawazh vta

dakaabaawazh vta cool h/ with water

Paired with: dakaabaawadoon vti2

dakaabaawazo vai s/he cools h/ self with water, cools off in water

dakaabaawe vai s/he gets cold and wet

dakaabaawe vii it cools off in water

Paired with: dakaabaawe vai

dakaabikad vii it (mineral) is cool, is cold

Paired with: dakaabikizi vai

dakaabikisin vii it (mineral) cools off, is cooled off

Paired with: dakaabikishin vai

dakaabikishin vai it (animate; mineral) cools off, is cooled off

Paired with: dakaabikisin vii

dakaabikizi vai it (animate; mineral) is cool, is cold

Paired with: dakaabikad vii

dakaagamin vii it (a liquid) is cold

dakaagamisin vii it (a liquid) cools off

dakaagonesidoon vti2 cool it in the snow

Paired with: dakaagoneshim vta