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dagwapidoon vti2 tie it with something else

Paired with: dagwapizh vta

dagwapizh vta tie h/ with something else

Paired with: dagwapidoon vti2

dagwapizo vai s/he is tied with something else

Paired with: dagwapide vii

dagwaagaminan vti add it to a drink

dagwaagin vii it is fall, is autumn

dagwaagishi vai s/he spends the fall somewhere

dagwaagong adv tmp last fall, last autumn

dagwaajiwanz vti add h/ to something boiling (such as your soup)

Paired with: dagwaajiwanzan vti

dagwaajiwanzan vti add it to something boiling (such as your soup)

Paired with: dagwaajiwanz vti

dagwaajiwanzanwi vta [NI]

dagwaajiwanz vti

dagwenim vta include h/ in your thinking

dagwishin vai s/he arrives, gets somewhere

See also: dagoshin vai

dagwii vai s/he is among others, joins in, is a member, belongs to a group

dajise vai s/he is late, doesn't have time, has time run out on h/

dakabi vai s/he sits in a cold place, lives in a cold house

dakadaawangaa vii there is cool sand, is a cool beach

dakagonjidoon vti2 put it in the water to cool

dakagwinjidoon vti2 cool it in water

dakaji vai s/he gets a chill, has a cold

dakakamigaa vii it is cold ground

dakakamigaabaawe vii the ground is cooled by the rain

dakamanji'o vai s/he is chilled, feels cold

dakamaabikaa vii there are rocks extending across ahead

dakamaagone'igaade vii

dakamaakwaa vii there are trees extending across ahead