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dadaakoninjii vai s/he has short hands or fingers

dadaakooziwag vai they are short

Paired with: dadaakwaawan vii

dadaakwa'amii vai s/he takes short steps

dadaakwanagweyaa vii it has short sleeves

dadaakwaakogaade vai s/he has short legs

dadaakwaakoninjii vai s/he has short hands or fingers

dadaakwaakozide vai s/he has short feet

dadaakwaakozidekawe vai s/he leaves short-footed tracks

dadaakwaanikwe vai s/he has short hair

dadaakwaawan vii they are short

Paired with: dadaakooziwag vai

dadaataba'amaazo vai s/he sings quickly

dadaatabanaamo vai s/he has fast respiration

dadaatabangidaaso vai s/he counts quickly

dadaatabaanagidoon vai [LL] [ML] s/he talks quickly

See also: dadaatabaanagidoone vai [N]

dadaatabaanagidoone vai [N] s/he talks quickly

See also: dadaatabaanagidoon vai [LL] [ML]

dadaatabibii'an vti write it quickly

dadaatabibii'ige vai s/he writes quickly

dadaatabii vai s/he is quick, is fast (at doing something)

dadaatabowe vai s/he speaks or sings quickly

dadewigane vai s/he has aches or pains in h/ bones

dadewigaade vai s/he has aches in h/ legs

dadewinike vai

dadibaajimo vai s/he tells stories, reports

See also: dibaajimo vai

dadibaajimotaw vta tell stories to h/

See also: dibaajimotaw vta

dadibaajimoowinini na a storyteller