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wake- pv lex easily, weak

See also: oke- pv lex [RL]

wakebii vai s/he gets drunk easily

wakewaji vai s/he can't take being cold, gets chilled easily

wakewan vii it is fragile, is weak

Paired with: wakewizi vai

wakewigidaazo vai s/he gets mad easily

wakewingwashi vai s/he sleeps lightly

wakewizi vai s/he is weak, is fragile, is frail

Paired with: wakewan vii

wakeyaabaso vai s/he is easily affected by the smoke

wanagek na bark (of a tree); a piece of bark

wanagekogamig ni a bark lodge

wanagim vta miscount h/

Paired with: wanagindan vti

wanagindan vti miscount, misread it

Paired with: wanagim vta

wanagindaaso vai s/he miscounts, misreads

wanagoodoon vti2 hang it in the wrong direction or place

Paired with: wanagoozh vta

wanagoozh vta hang h/ in the wrong direction or place

Paired with: wanagoodoon vti2

wana'adoo vai s/he takes the wrong path or trail

wana'adoon vti2 take it as the wrong path

Paired with: wana'azh vta

wana'am vai2 s/he makes a mistake singing, sings the wrong song

wana'amaazo vai s/he sings a song the wrong way

wana'amii vai s/he missteps, is out of step

wana'azh vta lose h/ trail

Paired with: wana'adoon vti2

wanako'oning adv loc [BL] at the top edge or tip of a wigwam or tipi

wanakojaa'oonag ni [BL] end piece of canoe, prow

wanakojaan ni [BL] tip of the nose

wanakonde'ogan ni the smoke hole at the top of a tipi