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wanichige vai

s/he makes a mistake, makes things wrong

niwanichige 1s ind; wanichige 3s ind; wanichiged 3s conj; wenichiged 3s ch-conj; Stem: /wanichige-/

Gii-wanichige awe gaa-ozhitood nigibide'ebizon. Ogii-ojibogwaadaan.

The person who made my vest made a mistake. She sewed it up so it's puckered.

Mii go booch gii-wanichiged aana-gii-gikinawaabamaad iniw ge... genawaabamaad.

He's watching that guy and trying to copy him but he still made that mistake.

wanichige /wanichige-/: /wanit-/ stem of wanitoon vti2 ; /-ge/
s/he acts (on an unspecified object)
Reduplicated Form: wawanichige