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jiibajinike vai s/he has a stiff arm

jiibay na a spirit; a ghost

jiibayaki ni a graveyard, a cemetary; land of the ghostly spirits

jiibayaatig na a grave marker

jiibaakwaadan vti cook it

Paired with: jiibaakwaazh vta

jiibaakwaan ni food being cooked or cooked (by boiling); cooking

jiibaakwaanakik na [BL] a cooking kettle

jiibaakwaazh vta cook it (animate)

Paired with: jiibaakwaadan vti

jiibaakwe vai s/he cooks

(applicative) jiibaakwaadan vti cook it (applicative) jiibaakwaazh vta cook it (animate)
jiibaakwe-gizhaabikizigan ni a cookstove

See also: jibaakwewi-gizhaabikizigan ni [BL]

jiibaakwewakik na a cooking pot, a pan

jiibaakwewigamig ni a kitchen; a cook shack

jiibaakwewikwe na a cook (female)

jiibaakwewinini na a cook (male)

jiibegamig ni a casket; a grave house

jiibenaake vai s/he has a feast honoring the dead

jiibiingweni vai s/he winks

jiibiingwetaw vta [BL] wink at h/

jiiboboodoon vti2 [BL] cut it to a point with a saw; file or grind it to a point; saw it a to point

Paired with: jiiboboozh vta [BL]

jiiboboozh vta [BL] cut it (animate) to point with a saw; file or grind it (animate) to a point; saw it (animate) to a point

Paired with: jiiboboodoon vti2 [BL]

jiiboga'an vti [BL] chop it pointed

Paired with: jiiboga'wi vta [BL]

jiiboga'wi vta [BL] chop h/ pointed

Paired with: jiiboga'an vti [BL]

jiibo' vta [BL] make h/ pointed

Paired with: jiibotoon vti2 [BL]

jiibokodan vti [BL] carve it so it is pointed, sharpen it to a point (with a blade)

Paired with: jiibokozh vta [BL]

jiibokozh vta [BL] carve h/ so s/he is pointed, sharpen h/ to a point (with a blade)

Paired with: jiibokodan vti [BL]