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aadizookaazh vta tell a legend about h/

aadizooke vai s/he tells a sacred story (a legend, a myth)

aadizookewinini na a storyteller

aadodan vti tell a story of it

Paired with: aajim vta

aagade vai s/he burps

aagask na a sharp-tailed grouse

Tympanuchus phasianellus

aagawe vai s/he goes out of sight (as around a corner)

aagawinzo vai s/he conceals the source of berries being picked

aagawitaa s/he ducks behind something

aagim na a snowshoe

aagimaak na a white ash

white ash
Fraxinus americana

aagime vai [S] s/he snowshoes

aagimekana ni a snowshoe trail

aagimike vai s/he makes snowshoes

aagimose vai [BL] s/he snowshoes

aagiingwe'onaak ni a cradleboard hoop

(verb of making) aagiingwe'onaakoke vai s/he makes a cradleboard hoop
aagiingwe'onaakoke vai s/he makes a cradleboard hoop

aagonwetam vai2 s/he denies, contradicts

aagonwetan vti deny, contradict, don't believe it

Paired with: aagonwetaw vta

aagonwetaw vta deny, contradict, don't believe h/

Paired with: aagonwetan vti

aagonweyenim vta disbelieve h/

aagwaniitaw vta

aagwiingwe'onaak ni a cradleboard hoop

aajidibikishi vai s/he is stranded by nightfall coming

aajigade na [S] a coot, a mud hen

American coot
Fulicia americana

See also: daajigade na [N]