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makade-waagosh na a black fox

red fox
Vulpes vulpes

makadeke vai s/he blackens h/ face with charcoal (as when fasting for a vision)

makadekoozh vta blacken h/ face with charcoal when fasting

makademashkikiwaabo ni coffee

makade-mashkikiwaabo ni [BL]

makademashkikiwaaboo ni coffee

makade-mashkikiwaaboo ni [MN]

makademik na a black beaver

makadepwaaganasin na black pipestone

makadewadaawangaa vii there is black sand, a black beach

makadewadis vta dye, color it (animate) black

Paired with: makadewadisan vti

makadewadisan vti dye, color it black

makadewadiso vai s/he is dyed black

Paired with: makadewadite vii

makadewadite vii it is dyed black

Paired with: makadewadiso vai

makadewadowe vai s/he has black fur, has dark fur

makadewakamigaa vii it is black ground

makadewamik na a black beaver

makadewanagekozi vai s/he (a tree) has dark or black bark

makadewazhe vai s/he has dark sklin, black skin

makadewaa vii it (canoe) is black, is dark (in color)

Paired with: makadewizi vai

makadewaabate vii it emits black smoke

makadewaabikad vii it is black (as something mineral)

Paired with: makadewaabikizi vai

makadewaabikizi vai
  1. s/he is black (as something mineral)
  2. s/he is in eclipse, there is an eclipse (of the sun or moon)

Paired with: makadewaabikad vii

makadewaabiigad vii it (string-like) is dark, is black

Paired with: makadewaabiigizi vai

makadewaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) is black

Paired with: makadewaabiigad vii

makadewaagamin vii it (a liquid) is black, is dark

makadewaagonagaa vii it is dark dirty snow