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/biind-/ initial

in, into, inside
biinj , biinz
biinda'oozh vta put h/ in a case or narrow opening; thread h/
biindakade'an vti load it with gunpowder
biindashkwe vai s/he stuffs something
biindazisonebi vai s/he sits in the nest
biindaabaawazh vta give h/ an enema
biindaabaawazo vai s/he gets an enema
biindaabika' vta [BL] bake h/ in an oven
biindaabika'an vti [BL] bake, roast it in the oven
biindaabikibidoon vti shift it (a car)
biindaabikibizh vta shift h/ (a car)
biindaabikin vta put h/ in the oven
biindaabikinan vti put it in oven
biindaabikiwebin vta throw h/ into an incinerator or stove; shove h/ into a metal container
biindaabikiwebinan vti throw it in an incinerator or stove; shove it into a metal container
biindaaboode vii it slides in on the current or some moving medium
biindaaboozo vai s/he or it (animate) slides in on the current or some moving medium
biindaa'an vii it gets water splashed in it by the waves
biindaanikaan adv loc in a pit
biindaanimad vii the wind blows in
biindige vai s/he enters, goes inside / indoors, comes inside / indoors
biindikomaan ni a knife sheath or case
biindikweni vai s/he sticks h/ head in
biindoode vai s/he crawls in
biindoonag adv loc in a canoe, boat
biindooneganaandan vti hit it into a boat
biindoone' vta put h/ inside a boat
biindoone'an vti put it inside a boat
biindoonetaa vai s/he ducks down into the canoe or boat
biindooneweba'an vti knock it into the boat (using something), thresh it (wild rice) into the boat
biindooneweba'wi vta knock h/ into the boat (using something),
biinji- pv lex inside, indoors
biinjibadoon vti2 put liquid in it
biinjibide vii it drives, speeds, flies, falls in
biinjibizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies, falls in
biinjidaabaan adv loc in a car
biinjidenaniweni vai s/he sticks h/ tongue into something
biinjidenigomeshin vai s/he gets poked in the nose by something
biinjidoon adv loc inside the mouth
biinjigoneweshin vai s/he gets poked in the mouth by something
biinjigwaashkwani vai s/he jumps in
biinjijaanzh adv loc inside the nose
biinjijiwan vii it flows in
biinjimisad adv loc in the stomach
biinjinaagan adv loc in a dish
biinjinikebani'o vai s/he sticks h/ arm in quickly
biinjinikeni vai s/he reaches h/ arm in, sticks h/ arm in
biinjininjiini vai s/he puts h/ hand or finger in
biinjipwaagan adv loc in a pipe
biinjise vii it flies, falls in
biinjise vai s/he flies, falls in; s/he is in debt, is in the hole
biinjisheyaabaawe vai s/he gets water in h/ ear
biinjishkiinzhig adv loc in the eye
biinjitawag adv loc inside an ear
biinjitawageshin vai s/he gets poked in the ear by something
biinjiweba' vta shove h/ in using something
biinjiweba'an vti shove it in (using something)
biinjiwebishkan vti kick it in, shove it in (with foot or body)
biinjiwebishkaw vta kick h/ in, shove h/ in (with foot or body)
biinjizhaazo vai s/he pees into something
biinjizidebani'o vai s/he sticks h/ foot in quickly
biinjizideni vai s/he puts h/ foot in
biinjizidese vai h/ foot slips in, slides in
biinjwebin vta throw h/ in
biinjwebinan vti
  1. throw it in
  2. cast it (a vote or ballot)
biinjwebishkan vti kick it in, shove it in (with foot or body); shove it in (with foot or body)
biinjwebishkaw vta kick h/ in, shove h/ in (with foot or body); shove h/ in (with foot or body)
biinzaabam vta look in at or into, peek in at h/
biinzaabandan vti look in at or into, peek in at it
biinzaabi vai s/he looks in, peeks in
biinzibadoon vti2 pour liquid in it
biinzibazh vta pour liquid in h/ or it (animate; container)