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zhaangaso-diba'iganeyaa vii [BL] it is nine o'clock

zhaangaso-diba'igaans adv num
  1. nine minutes
  2. nine acres

zhaangaso-diba'oobaan adv num [BL] nine gallons

zhaangaso-dibaabiishkoojigan adv num nine pounds

zhaangaso-gikinoonowin adv num nine years

zhaangaso-giizhik adv num nine days

zhaangaso-giizis adv num nine months

zhaangaso-giiziswagad vii it is nine months

Paired with: zhaangaso-giiziswagizi vai

zhaangaso-giiziswagizi vai s/he is nine months old

Paired with: zhaangaso-giiziswagad vii

zhaangaso-minikwaajigan adv num nine gallons

zhaangaso-mininj adv num [NI] nine inches

zhaangaso-mizid adv num [NI] nine feet

zhaangasogon adv num nine days

zhaangasogonagad vii it is nine days

Paired with: zhaangasogonagizi vai

zhaangasogonagizi vai s/he is nine days old; it is the ninth day of it (a month)

Paired with: zhaangasogonagad vii

zhaangasonaaganens adv num [BL] nine cups, cupfuls

zhaangasonaagaans adv num nine cups, cupfuls

zhaangasoninj adv num nine inches

zhaangasosagoons adv num nine thousand

zhaangasozid adv num nine feet

zhaangasoobiwag vai nine of them sit together; nine of them are at home

zhaangasoobii'igan na a nine (card)

zhaangasoogaabawiwag vai nine of them stand together

zhaangasookik adv num nine pails, nine pailfuls

zhaangasoonag adv num nine boats or canoes, nine boatloads