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/-eg-/ medial

sheet-like (two-dimensional flexible objects of material such as bark, hide/skin, cloth, and paper)
-eg- appears after w only; -iig- appears elsewhere with the same meaning
akwegad vii it (sheet-like) is a certain length, is so long
akwegizh vta cut h/ a certain length (sheet-like)
akwegizhan vti cut it (something sheet-like) a certain length
akwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is a certain length, is so long
aabiskwegin vta unfold h/ (as something sheet-like)
aabiskweginan vti unfold it (as something sheet-like)
babigwegad vii it (sheet-like) is bumpy, is lumpy
babigwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is bumpy, is lumpy
bagwegad vii it (something sheet-like) has a hole in it
bagwega' vta make a hole in it (animate; sheet-like) with something
bagwegisin vii it (sheet-like) gets a hole in it (from hitting something)
bagwegishkaa vai it (animate; sheet-like) has a hole, gets a hole (in it)
bagwegishkaa vii it (sheet-like) has a hole, gets a hole (in it)
bagwegizh vta cut a hole in it (animate; sheet-like)
bagwegizhan vti cut a hole in it (sheet-like)
bagwegizi vai s/he (something sheet-like) has a hole in h/
bawega' vta brush h/ (as something sheet-like)
bawega'an vti brush it using something (as something sheet-like)
bawegin vta shake h/ out (as something sheet-like)
baweginan vti shake it out (as something sheet-like)
bengwegad vii it is dry (sheet-like)
bengwegide vii it (sheet-like) dries by heat or fire
bengwegiz vta dry it (animate; sheet-like) with heat or fire
bengwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is dry from heat or fire
bengwegizo vai it (animate; sheet-like) dries by heat or fire
bezhigweg qnt num one piece of something sheet-like
bikwegishin vii it lies in a hump as under a blanket or cover
dakwegad vii it is short (as something sheet-like)
dakwegambizo vai she wears a short skirt
dakwegi' vta make it (animate; sheet-like) short
dakwegitoon vti2 make it (sheet-like) short
dakwegizh vta cut h/ (something sheet-like) short
dakwegizhan vti cut it (something sheet-like) short
dakwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is short
dasweg qnt num so many pieces of something sheet-like
dazhwegad vii it (sheet-like) is flat, is spread out
dazhwegaasin vii it straightens out in the wind
dazhweginan vti spread it out flat
dazhwegisidoon vti2 lay it out spread flat
dazhwegisin vii it lies spread out flat
dazhwegishim vta spread it (animate; sheet-like) out
dazhwegishin vai s/he lies spread out flat
dazhwegishkan vti spread it out flat (with foot or body)
dazhwegishkaw vta spread h/ out flat (with foot or body)
dazhwegishkaa vii it spreads out flat, opens up flat
dazhwegishkaa vai s/he spreads out flat, opens up flat
dazhwegiwebinan vti spread it (something sheet-like) out with hands
dazhwegizh vta slice, cut it (animate) into sheets or filets
dazhwegizhan vti slice, cut it into sheets or filets
dazhwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is flat, is spread
daadwegishkan vti rip, split it (sheet-like) open with foot or body
gashkiiwegabi vai s/he sits covered over with a blanket, sits wrapped up
gashkiiwegin vta wrap h/, it (animate) in a bundle
gashkiiweginan vti wrap it in a bundle
gashkiiwegishin vai s/he lies covered over with a blanket, is wrapped (in something sheet-like)
gaawegad vii it is rough (as something sheet-like)
gaawegizi vai s/he is rough (as something sheet-like)
ginwegad vii it is long (as something sheet-like)
ginwegambizo vai she wears a long skirt
ginwegi' vta make h/ long (as something sheet-like)
ginwegitoon vti2 make it long (as something sheet-like)
ginwegizh vta cut h/ (something sheet-like) long
ginwegizhan vti cut it (something sheet-like) long
ginwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is long
gwayakwegad vii it (something sheet-like) is straight
gwayakwegizi vai s/he (something sheet-like) is straight
ikweginan vti hold or put it (something sheet-like) higher, out of the way
ingodwaasweg qnt num six pieces of something sheet-like
inigokwegad vii it is a certain size, is so big (as something sheet-like)
inigokwegizi vai s/he is a certain size, is so big (as something sheet-like)
ishwaasweg qnt num eight pieces of something sheet-like
jiibwegad vii [BL] it (sheet-like) is pointed
jiibweginan vti fold it (sheet-like) to a point
jiibwegizhan vti [BL] cut it (sheet-like) pointed
jiibwegizi vai [BL] it (animate; sheet-like) is pointed
magwegishin vai s/he lies as a mound under blanket (sheet-like)
makadewegad vii it is black (as something sheet-like)
makadewegizi vai s/he is black (as something sheet-like)
mashkawaakwegad vii it (sheet-like) is stiff
mashkawaakwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is stiff
mashkawegad vii it (sheet-like) is strong
mashkawegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is strong
midaasweg qnt num ten pieces of something sheet-like
minwegad vii it is good (as something sheet-like)
minwegizi vai s/he is good (as something sheet-like)
miskwegad vii it (something sheet-like) is red
miskwegizi vai s/he is red (as something sheet-like)
miskwiiwegad vii it is bloody (as something sheet-like)
miskwiiwegizi vai s/he is bloody (as something sheet-like)
nabwegin vta fold h/ over (sheet-like)
nabweginan vti fold it (sheet-like) over
naanweg qnt num five pieces of something sheet-like
naaweg adv loc in the middle of a blanket or material
nibiiwegad vii it (something sheet-like) is wet
nibiiwegizi vai s/he (something sheet-like) is wet
ningodwaasweg qnt num six pieces of something sheet-like
nisweg qnt num three pieces of something sheet-like
nishwaasweg qnt num eight pieces of something sheet-like
niiweg qnt num four pieces of something sheet-like
niizhwaasweg qnt num seven pieces of something sheet-like
niizhweg qnt num two pieces of something sheet-like
ozhaawashkwegad vii it is blue, green (as something sheet-like)
ozhaawashkwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is blue, is green
ozaawegad vii it (something sheet-like) is yellow, is brown
ozaawegide vii it (sheet-like) is browned from smoking
ozaawegiz vta brown h/ by smoking (sheet-like)
ozaawegizan vti brown it (sheet-like) by smoking it
ozaawegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is yellow or brown
ozaawegizo vai it (animate; sheet-like) is browned from smoking
waasikwegad vii it is shiny (sheet-like)
waasikwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is shiny
wiiwegin vta wrap h/
wiiweginan vti wrap it (as or as with something sheet-like)
zhaangasweg qnt num nine pieces of something sheet-like
zipwegishkaa vii it (sheet-like) closes up, comes together
zhooshkwegad vii it (sheet-like) is smooth
zhooshkwega' vta iron h/
zhooshkwega'an vti iron it
zhooshkwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is smooth