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/-amaw/ final

do it for h/
abaagamizamaw vta warm something (liquid) up for h/
abizamaw vta warm something for h/ at the fire
adisamaw vta dye, color (it) for h/
agindamaw vta count (it) for h/; read (it) for h/
agokiwasamaw vta glue (it), paste (it) on for h/
agoodamaw vta hang (it) for h/
agwa'amaw vta attach (it) for h/ (using something); sew (it) on for h/
agwana'amaw vta cover (it) for h/
agwaabiiga'amaw vta take (it) off the water using something for h/
agwaa'amaw vta take (it) off the water or fire for h/ (using something), take (it) out of the pot for h/ (using something), dish (it) up for h/
agwaawebinamaw vta throw (it) out of the water for or to h/
andodamaw vta ask h/ for (it); beg h/ for (it)
anishinaabewibii'amaw vta write (it) in Indian (Ojibwe) to h/, write (it) in Ojibwe to h/
apagajinaazhikamaw vta drive game for h/
apagidamaw vta throw something at or to h/
asiginamaw vta pick (them) up for h/; gather, collect (them) up for h/
ashodamaw vta notify h/ something is or will be, is happening or will happen; promise (it) to h/; threaten h/ with something
atamaw vta [C] put (it) in a certain place for h/; serve h/
azhenamaw vta return (it) to, take (it) back to, hand (it) back to h/
azhenizha'amaw vta send (it) back to h/
azhewidamaw vta carry, take (it) back to h/
aaba'amaw vta undo, untie, unfasten (it) for h/ (using something)
aabajitamaw vta use something of his/hers, use (it) for h/
aabaabika'amaw vta unlock (it) for h/
aabiskweginamaw vta unfold it for h/ (as something sheet-like); unwrap it for h/
aanikanootamaw vta translate (it) for h/
aasonamaw vta support (it) for h/ (with hand)
aatawenamaw vta extinguish (it) for h/
aazhawiwebinamaw vta throw, shove (it) across to h/
bagidinamaw vta set (it) down for h/; offer, release, allow (it) to h/
bagwa'amaw vta patch (it) for h/
bakonamaw vta skin (it) for h/
bakwajibidamaw vta pull it off or out of something for h/; pick, pluck it for h/
bakwebidamaw vta tear a piece of (it) off for h/
bakwenamaw vta share a piece of (it) with h/, share (it) with h/
bakwezhamaw vta cut (it) a piece off for h/
bazhiba'amaw vta spear something for h/
baakaakonamaw vta open (it) for h/ (as something stick- or wood-like, e.g., a door)
baakaakowebinamaw vta fling, shove something open for h/
baakinamaw vta uncover (it) for h/
baakiiginamaw vti open (it) (as something sheet-like) for h/
baasamaw vta dry (it) for h/
baasibidamaw vta crack or shatter (it) (with hands) for h/
biminizha'amaw vta follow or pursue (it) for h/
bimiwidamaw vta carry (it) along for h/
bina'amaw vta take (it) down for h/
biidamaw vta bring something for h/
biidinamaw vta hand (it) over (here) to h/
biijwebinamaw vta throw (it) here to h/
biina'amaw vta put (it) in (something) for h/
biinitamaw vta clean (it) for h/
biisandamaw vta chew (it) into small pieces for h/
biisiboodamaw vta grind, mill, grate (it) for h/
biitoozhamaw vta slice a piece off (it) for h/
boodaadamaw vta blow on or at (it) for h/
boodaajii'amaw vta inflate (it) for h/
boozitamaw vta load (it) with cargo for h/
dakobidamaw vta tie, bind (it) for h/
dakonamaw vta hold (it) for h/; take hold of (it) for h/
daninamaw vta hold (it) in a certain place for h/
daanginamaw vta touch (it) for h/
debibidamaw vta grab, catch, reach and take, get hold of (it) for h/
diba'amaw vta pay h/ for (it), pay (it) to him
gagiigizhamaw vta cut out the best part (of it) for h/
ganakinamaw vta take a handful of it for h/
ganawaabandamaw vta look at (it) for h/
ganawendamaw vta take care of, protect, keep (it) for h/
gashkapidamaw vta tie (it) up in a bundle for h/
gashkaakwa'amaw vta lock (it) for h/
gashkigwaadamaw vta sew (it) for h/
gashkiiginamaw vta wrap (it) for h/
gawa'amaw vta chop (it) down for h/; fell it for h/
gaadamaw vta hide something from h/
gaajiwebinamaw vta shove or throw something to hide it from h/ quickly
gaanda'amaw vta push (it) for h/ (using something)
gaandakii'amaw vta pole (it) for h/
gaandinamaw vta push (it) for h/
gaanjweba'amaw vta shove (it) for h/ (using something)
gaapizamaw vta parch (it) for h/
gaasiibii'amaw vta erase (it) for h/
gaasii'amaw vta wipe (it) for h/ (using something)
gida'amaw vta remove (it) for h/ (using something)
gidasamaw vta parch (it) for h/
gidinamaw vta remove (it) for h/, take (it) off for h/
gidiskaabiiginamaw vta release, disconnect, unhook, unplug (it) (as something string-like) for h/
gikinawaajitamaw vta mark (it) for h/
gizhaagamizamaw vta heat (it) (a liquid) for h/
gizizamaw vta heat (it) up for h/
giziibiiga'amaw vta wash (it) for h/, launder for h/
giziibiiginamaw vta wash (it) for h/
giziisaginamaw vta wipe the floor for h/; wash the floor for h/
giishkiga'amaw vta cut through (it) for h/ (with an ax); chop (it) for h/ (with an ax)
giishkizhamaw vta cut something for h/; mow (it) for h/
giiwenizha'amaw vta send it home to h/
giiwewidamaw vta take, carry (it) home for h/
giizhitamaw vta finish (it) for h/
giizhizamaw vta cook for h/
giizizamaw vta cook (it) for h/
gojitamaw vta test (it) for h/
gwaaba'amaw vta
  1. scoop (it) up for h/
  2. get water for h/
gwekinamaw vta turn (it) for h/ by hand
ikosidamaw vta put (it) out of the way for h/, remove it for h/
ikowebinamaw vta push, shove, toss, throw (it) aside or out of the way for h/
inagindamaw vta charge a certain price, set a certain price on (it) for h/
inaatenamaw vta shine (it) for h/ in a certain direction
ininamaw vta hand (it) to h/ a certain way; motion to h/ a certain way with the hand or hands
inizhamaw vta cut (it) a certain way for h/
inoo'amaw vta [BL] point out something for h/
ishkonamaw vta reserve, save, leave (it) for h/
ishkozhamaw vta leave (something) uncut for h/
ishkwandamaw vta save, leave (some food) for h/
izhibii'amaw vta write (it) a certain way to or for h/
izhidaabaadamaw vta drag (it) there for h/
izhinizha'amaw vta send (it) to h/ to a certain place
izhinoo'amaw vta point to (it) for h/
izhitamaw vta make (it) for h/ a certain way
izhiwebinamaw vta throw something to h/ in a certain place
izhiwidamaw vta take, carry (it) for h/ to a certain place
jaaginamaw vta use up, take all of, deplete something of h/
jaagizamaw vta burn it up for h/
madaabiiwidamaw vta take, carry (it) down to the shore for h/
mashkawinamaw vta hold (it) tightly for h/
mawindamaw vta cry for something of h/
mazina'amaw vta owe (it) to h/, get credit from h/, charge (it) (on an account with h/)
mazinibii'amaw vta draw (it) for h/
maagonamaw vta press on (it) for h/
maajinizha'amaw vta send (it) off to h/
maajiidamaw vta take (it) away for, take (it) along for h/
maamiginamaw vta collect (it) together for, gather (it) for h
meshkwadoonamaw vta trade, exchange (it) with h/
mikamaw vta find (it) for h/
minjiminamaw vta hold (it) in place for h/, steady (it) for h
moona'amaw vta dig (it) up for h/
mooshkinebii'amaw vta fill something out with writing for h/
moozhaginamaw vta pick (them) up for h/; gather, collect (them) up for h/
nagadamaw vta leave (it) behind for h/
na'inamaw vta put it away, store (it) for h/
nanaa'itamaw vta fix, repair (it) for h/
nandodamaw vta [ML] ask h/, beg h/ for (it)
nandwewendamaw vta go and ask h/ (for (it))
nawadinamaw vta grab (it) of h/; seize (it) of h/
naabidoo'amaw vta thread something on for h/
naada'amaw vta go get (it) by boat for h/
naadamaw vta
  1. go get (it) for h/
  2. help h/ (by going to h/ aid)
naajinizha'amaw vta order (it) for h/
naanigibidamaw vta rip, tear (it) for h/
naazhenamaw vta turn (it) down for h/
naazikamaw vta go get (it) for h/
ningisidamaw vta thaw or melt (it) for h/, let (it) thaw or melt for h/
ningwa'amaw vta bury (it) for h/; cover (it) for h/ with something (soil, sand, snow, leaves, etc.)
nitamaw vta kill (it) for h/
niiminamaw vta hold (it) out to or for h/, hand (it) over to h/
niisaabiiginamaw vta lower (it) on a rope to or for h/
noominamaw vta grease, oil (it) for h/
nooshkaatamaw vta winnow (it) for h/
odaapinamaw vta accept, take (it) from h/; pick (it) up from h/
okosidamaw vta pile, stack (it) for h/
ombinamaw vta lift, raise (it) for h/
onagindamaw vta set a price on something for h/
onaabandamaw vta choose, select, pick it (by sight) for h/
ondinamaw vta get, obtain (it) for h/ from a certain place
oninamaw vta form, shape, assemble (it) for h/, put (it) in order for h/
onizhamaw vta cut (it) out, cut (it) to shape for h/
ozhibii'amaw vta write (it) for or to h/; write (it) down for /h
ozhitamaw vta make, build, form (it) for h/
ozhiiginamaw vta fold, prepare, set it (something sheet-like) for h/; roll (a cigarette) for h/
waninamaw vta hand wrong one of something to h/
waasikwa'amaw vta polish, shine (it) for h/
waawiindamaw vta tell h/ about (it), explain (it) to h/, promise (it) to him
waazakonebidamaw vta turn on a light for h/, shine a light for h/
webinamaw vta throw (it) away to or for h/
wiikobidamaw vta
  1. pull (it) for h/
  2. withdraw (it) for h/
wiikwandamaw vta suck (it) out for h/
wiindamaw vta tell h/ about (it), inform h/ about (it)
wiinitamaw vta make (it) dirty for h/
wiiweginamaw vta wrap (it) for h/
zaga'amaw vta fasten (it) for h/ (with something); nail (it) for h/
zagakisidamaw vta put (it) in order, put (it) away for h/
zagakiiginamaw vta fold and put (it) away for h/
zagapidamaw vta tie on, tow, hitch (it) for h/
zhagashka'amaw vta spread, smear (it) on for h/
zagaakwa'amaw vta fasten, pin, button (it) for h/
zaka'amaw vta set (it) on fire for h/; light (it) for h/
zhaaganaashiiwibii'amaw vta write (it) in English to or for h/
zaagijiwebinamaw vta throw (it) outside for h/
zaagizitamaw vta take (it) out for h/
zaaminamaw vta [BL] touch (it) for h/, touch something of h/
zhegonamaw vta stick (it) in a tight place for h/, insert (it) for h/
zhinawisidamaw vta rattle, jingle, ring (something) for h/
zhizhoobii'amaw vta paint (it) for h/
zhiibiigibidamaw vta stretch (it) for h/ (by pulling)
ziiga'amaw vta pour (it) for h/
ziiginamaw vta pour (it) for h/
zhiigonamaw vta empty (it) for h/
zhiiwaagama'amaw vta [BL] sweeten it (a drink) for h/
zhiiwaagaminamaw vta [BL] sweeten it (liquid) for h/
zhiiwinamaw vta sweeten (it) for h/
zhooshkonamaw vta
  1. slide (it) to h/
  2. transfer (it) to h/