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/-akamig-/ medial

land, ground, landscape; event
agaasadekamigaa vii it is a narrow stretch of ground
agidakamig adv loc on top of the ground
anaamakamig adv loc under the ground
anibekamigaa vii it is sloping ground
animwewekamigishin vai s/he is heard stepping away on the ground
apiitakamigad vii it (an event) is so far along; during the course of it (an event)
asiniikamigaa vii it is rocky ground
asiniiwakamigaa vii there is rocky ground, a rocky area
ashawekamigaa vii it is slanted ground
ashoodakamigin vta hold h/ down on the ground; keep h/ down on the ground
azhashkiiwakamigaa vii it is muddy ground
aabidakamigizi vai s/he does something continuously
aasaakamigokamigaa vii it is mossy ground
aazhawakamigaa vii it (the ground) goes across, is an isthmus
babiikwakamigaa vii it is rolling ground, bumpy ground
bagwadakamig adv loc in the wilderness
basakamigaa vii there is a cleft, ditch, or gulley in the ground
bashkwakamigaa vii it is bare ground (cleared of vegetation)
baatekamigaa vii the ground is dry
bengwakamigaa vii it is dry ground
bigwadakamig adv loc [NI] in the wilderness
bikwakamigaa vii there is a hump or mound in the ground
bimwewekamigishin vai s/he is heard stepping along on the ground
bimwewekamigose vai s/he is heard walking along on the ground
bingwiiwakamigaa vii [ML] it is sandy ground
biidwewekamigibatoo vai s/he is heard running here on the ground
biidwewekamigishin vai s/he is heard coming stepping on the ground
biigwakamigibidoon vti2 break it up (as ground); plow it
biinakamigaa vii it is clean ground
dabasakamigaa vii it is low ground
dakakamigaa vii it is cold ground
dakakamigaabaawe vii the ground is cooled by the rain
danakamigad vii it (an event) takes place, happens in a certain place
danakamigizi vai s/he has an event in a certain place; s/he works, plays (in a certain place)
daashkakamigaa vii it (ground) is split
daashkakamigise vii it (the ground) splits open suddenly
desakamigaa vii it is flat level ground
dipiiwakamigaa vii it is damp ground
gagwaanisagakamig adv man such a terrible or tragic event
gagwaanisagakamigad vii it is a terrible event, something terrible happens
ginookamigaa vii it is a long stretch of ground
giishkakamigaa vii it is a bank or steep face of earth
giizhookamigaa vii it is warm ground
gooniwakamigaa vii it is snowy ground
gwayakwakamigaa vii it is level ground
inakamigad vii it is a certain event, happens a certain way
inakamigaa vii it is ground of a certain slope or condition
inakamigizi vai s/he does a certain thing, has certain things happen to h/
ishkwaakamigad vii it (an event) is over
ishpakamigaa vii it is high ground
jiikakamigad vii there is a celebration, a happy event
jiikakamigizi vai s/he has a good time
jiishakamiga'an vti rake it [the ground]
madwekamigishin vai s/he is heard falling on the ground
madwekamigishkige vai s/he is heard walking on or stamping the ground
makadewakamigaa vii it is black ground
mangadekamigaa vii it is a wide stretch of ground
mashkawakamigaa vii it is hard ground
mashkawaakwakamigadin vii the ground is frozen solid
mashkiigokamig ni peat moss, sphagnum moss
mashkiigwakamigaa vii it is swampy ground
mashkosiinsiwakamigaa vii it (the ground) is grassy
mashkosiiwakamigaa vii it (the ground) is grassy (with high grass)
maadakamigad vii it starts, begins (as an event)
maadakamigizi vai s/he starts, begins (in some event)
maamakaadakamig pc disc amazing! astonishing!
maanakamigad vii it is an unfortunate or tragic event
maanakamigaa vii it is poor ground, is rough ground
minwakamigaa vii it is nice ground, level ground
miskwakamigaa vii it is red earth; it is red ground
miskwiiwakamigaa vii it is bloody ground
mishawakamig adv loc in the open, out on the open ground, out in a field
mitakamig adv loc on bare ground
mitakamigaa vii the ground is bare of snow
mitakamigide vii the ground is bare of snow from the sun
mitaawangwakamigaa vii [NI] it (the ground) is sandy
miziwekamig adv loc all over the world
nekamigaa vii it is point of ground
nibiiwakamigaa vii it is wet ground
nigiigwakamikadin vii the ground is frosted, there is frost on the ground
ningakamigaa vii it (the ground) is thawed
ningakamigide vii the ground thaws
ningwakamiga' vta bury h/ in the ground (using something)
ningwakamiga'an vti bury it in the ground (using something)
ningwakamigibidoon vti2 cover it over with earth (using the hands)
ningwakamigin vta put h/ under the ground
ningwakamigishkan vti bury it in ground with the feet
nishiwanaadakamigad vii it is a riot, a melee
nishiwanaadakamigizi vai s/he is naughty, is unruly, is disobedient
niibaakamigad vii it happens at night
niibaakamigizi vai s/he is active at night
niisaakiiwekamigaa vii it (the ground) slopes downwards
nookakamigaa vii there is soft ground
ogidakamig adv loc on top of the ground
ogidaakiiwekamigaa vii it (the ground) slopes upwards
ojaanimakamigad vii it is a busy event
ojaanimakamigizi vai s/he is busy or occupied in work or activity
ombakamigaa vii there is a rise in the ground
ondamakamigizi vai s/he is busy with an activity
opaakamigizi vai s/he disturbs sleep with activity
oshaakamigizi vai s/he makes noise and scare off game
oshekamigaa vii it (ground) forms a ridge or pile
ozhaashakamigaa vii it is slippery ground
ozhaashakamigaabaawe vii the ground is slippery with water
ozaawakamigaa vii it is a brown or yellowish landscape
wagidakamig adv loc on top of the ground
waabiganakamigaa vii there is clayey ground
waanakamigaa vii there is a depression or hollow in the ground
wiikwekamigaa vii it is end of the ground
wiinakamigaa vii it is dirty ground
wiinakamigisin vii it gets dirty lying on ground
wiinakamigishin vai s/he gets dirty lying on ground
zhakakamigaa vii it is damp ground
ziibiinsiwakamigaa vii it is a dry stream bed
zhooshkwakamigaa vii it is smooth ground