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/-a'w/ final

act on h/ using a tool or medium
adima' vta catch up to, overtake h/ (by boat)
agwa' vta attach it (animate) (using something); sew it (animate) on something
agwana' vta cover h/
agwaabiiga' vta take h/ off the water using something
agwaabii' vta scoop h/ out of the water, take h/ out of the water using something
agwaa' vta take it (animate) off the water or fire (using something), take it (animate) out of the pot (using something), dip or scoop it (animate) out
agwaa'wi vta [NI] take it (animate) off the water or fire (using something), take it (animate) out of the pot (using something), dip or scoop it (animate) out
andoojii' vta feel around for h/ or it (animate) (using something)
andwaawanga' vta look for h/ in the sand or ashes
aaba' vta undo, untie, unfasten h/ (using something)
aabaabika' vta unlock h/
aabooda'wi vta [NI] turn h/ inside out (using something)
aajinike' vta link arms with h/; hook arms with h/
aaswaakwa' vta support, brace h/ (with something stick-like); prop h/ up
badaka' vta
  1. stick h/ or it (animate) with something sharp, prick h/ or it (animate), use a fork on it (animate)
  2. give h/ an injection, a shot
bagaskidiye' vta slap h/ on the rear
bagaskindibe' vta club h/ on the head
bagaskiingwe' vta slap h/ on the face making a slapping sound
bagone' vta drill h/, make a hole in h/ (using something)
bagwa' vta patch it (animate), mend it (animate) with a patch
bagwa'wi vta [NI] patch it (animate), mend it (animate) with a patch
bagwega' vta make a hole in it (animate; sheet-like) with something
bajiishka' vta pierce, prick h/ or it (animate) (using something); stick h/ (with something sharp), give h/ an injection / shot
baka' vta break or part it (animate; string-like) (using something)
bakite' vta hit, strike h/
bakiteyaakwa' vta hit h/ (something stick-like), hit h/ with a stick
bakobii' vta put h/ into the water (using something)
bakwe' vta take a piece off h/ using something
bana' vta miss h/ (using something)
bapasidiye' vta spank h/
basidiye' vta slap h/ on the rear
basidoone' vta slap h/ on the mouth
basindibe' vta slap h/ on the top of h/ head
basininjii' vta slap h/ on the hand
basiingwe' vta slap h/ on the face
bashanzhe' vta [MN] whip h/; punish h/ physically
bashanzhe'wi vta [NI] punish h/ physically; whip h/
bawaagone' vta brush snow off h/ using something
bawega' vta brush h/ (as something sheet-like)
bazhiba' vta stab, prick h/; spear h/ (a fish)
baapaaga' vta pat, tap h/
baapaagaakwa' vta knock on h/ (as something stick- or wood like)
baasa' vta crack, shatter h/ (using something)
baashka' vta burst h/ (using something)
baashkaakondibe' vta
baashkijii' vta burst h/ open (using something)
baazhida' vta step over h/ or it (animate)
baazhida'wi vta [NI] step over h/ or it (animate)
bengwa' vta dry h/ (using something)
bikwaagone'wi vta put it (animate) in a snow pile (using something)
bina' vta take h/ down
binaakwe' vta comb h/
bingwa' vta throw sand or ashes at h/
bishagaakwa' vta peel or scrape bark off it (animate) (using something)
bishigwa' vta miss h/ (using something); hit h/ in wrong place (using something)
bita' vta accidentally hit h/ (using something)
biigwa' vta break h/ (using something)
biimaskwa' vta twist, screw h/ (using something)
biimaabika' vta twist h/ (mineral) (using something); wind h/ (a clock)
biina' vta lay or put put h/ or it (animate) in something
biindaabika' vta [BL] bake h/ in an oven
biindoone' vta put h/ inside a boat
biisa' vta chop h/ fine, mince h/
boodaakwe' vta put h/ in the pot (using something); put h/ into a hole
bookwa' vta break h/ or it (animate) in two (using something)
bookwanaka'wi vta [NI] break off the top or tip of it (animate)
dazhwaanikwe'wi vta straighten h/ hair
daashkaabii' vta [RL] part h/ hair, comb a part in h/ hair
diba' vta pay for h/ or it (animate); bail h/ out
diba'wi vta [NI] pay for h/ or it (animate); bail h/ out
diitiba' vta knock h/ down off something (using something)
dooka'wi vta [NI] poke, jab, tap, nudge h/ or it (animate) (using something)
ganika'wi vta [BL] scoop, dip it (animate) out (using something)
gashkaabika' vta lock h/
gawa' vta fell it (animate), chop it (animate) down
gaanda' vta push h/ (using something)
gaasii' vta wipe h/ (using something)
gaashka' vta scrape h/ off something using something
gaashkanagekwa'wi vta scrape the bark from it (animate)
giba' vta stop h/ up; plug, block h/
gibaabowe' vta put a lid on h/
gibaakwa' vta
  1. shut, block h/ (as or as with something stick- or wood-like)
  2. jail, imprison h/
  3. put h/ on lockdown or quarantine
gida'wi vta [NI] remove h/ or it (animate), take h/ or it (animate) off or out (using something)
giziibiiga' vta wash h/ (using something)
giziidoone' vta wipe h/ mouth
gizii' vta wipe h/
giishka' vta chop h/ off
gonzaabii' vta sink h/ (using something)
gwaaba' vta scoop h/ up
gwaashkwe' vta whack, smack h/ (using something)
inikwe'wi vta [NI] steer h/ or it (animate) a certain way
inoo'wi vta [NI] point to h/ or it (animate)
jaka' vta [BL] poke, jab, tap, nudge h/ or it (animate) (using something)
madwe' vta pound on, drum on it (animate)
mazinijiishkiwaga'wi vta make an image in it (animate; mud-like) (using something)
mikoojii' vta [S] find, discover, feel h/ or it (animate) using something
mikwaagone' vta find h/ in the snow (by using something)
miikwa' vta hit h/ dead center with something
mooka' vta dig h/ up, expose h/ (using something)
mookaagone'wi vta [NI] get it (animate) out of the snow (using something)
moona' vta dig h/, dig h/ up
nanaandoojii'wi vta feel around for h/ or it (animate) (using something)
nandoojii' vta feel around for h/ or it (animate) (using something)
naabaakwa' vta pick h/ up with a stick; hold h/ with a stick
naabigwe' vta snare h/ around the neck with a pole and noose
naada' vta go get h/ (on the water)
naadaakwa' vta retrieve it (animate) with a stick or pole
ningobaga' vta cover h/ in leaves
ningozigwa' vta cover h/ with ice
ningwadaawanga' vta cover h/ with sand (using something)
ningwa' vta bury h/
ningwakamiga' vta bury h/ in the ground (using something)
ningwaagone' vta cover h/ with snow (using something)
niima' vta pick h/ up using something; carry h/ using something
niimaakwa' vta pick it (animate) up or hold it (animate) out with something stick-like
niiwana' vta slaughter h/, beat h/ to death
odooskwana'wi vta [NI] elbow h/; nudge h/ with an elbow
ombaakwa' vta raise h/ (as or as with something stick- or wood-like), pry h/ up, jack h/ up
wanawe'wi vta [BL] stir h/
waasikwa' vta polish, shine h/
weba' vta shove h/ away (using something)
zaga' vta fasten h/ (with something); nail h/
zhagashka' vta spread h/ on (using something)
zagaakwa' vta fasten, pin, button h/
zaka' vta set h/ on fire; light h/ (e.g., a pipe)
zhingisaga'wi vta [NI] nail it (animate) on a board, on a fur stretcher
zhishigwa' vta mash, crush h/ (using something)
zhizhoo' vta spread h/ on (using something)
zhiiba'wi vta stretch it (animate) out on a fur stretcher
zhiibaakwa' vta stretch it (animate) out on a fur stretcher
zhiibiiga' vta stretch h/ (using something)
ziidwaakwa'wi vta brace it with a stick, prop it up with a stick; brace h/ or it (animate) with a stick, prop h/ or it (animate) up with a stick
ziinaakwa' vta wring h/ out (using something stick-like)
ziinaakwa'wi vta wring or pump it (animate) using something stick-like to get liquid out; squeeze liguid of it (animate) using something
zhiiwitaagana' vta salt h/
zhooshkosaga'wi vta smooth it (animate; wood) using something
zhooshkwa' vta smooth h/ (using something)
zhooshkwa'wi vta smooth it (using something); iron it
zhooshkwega' vta iron h/