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biimaabika' vta

twist h/ (mineral) (using something); wind h/ (a clock)

imbiimaabika'waa 1s - 3s ind; obiimaabikwa'waan 3s - 3' ind; biimaabikwa'waad 3s - 3' conj; baamaabikwa'waad 3s - 3' ch-conj; biimaabika' 2s - 3 imp; Stem: /biimaabika'w-/

biimaabika' /biimaabika'w-/: /biim-/
twisted, turned, crooked, skewed
; /-aabik-/
mineral (inorganic solid: rock, metal, glass)
; /-a'w/
act on h/ using a tool or medium