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/-iz/ final

act on it by heat
abaabikizan vti warm it (mineral), heat it (mineral) up
abaagamizan vti warm it (liquid)
abizan vti warm it at the fire
abiigizan vti warm it (something sheet-like) at a fire
agwaabikizan vti burn it to the pan
angwaakizan vti burn it completely (so nothing is left)
babiizigaakizan vti curl it (by heat)
bagwaakizan vti burn a hole in it
baasaabikizan vti blast it
baasizan vti crack, shatter it (by heat)
baashkizan vti shoot it
bengwaabikizan vti boil it dry
bigishkizan vti cook it to pieces
biinaakizan vti clean it by burning
bwaawaakizan vti be unable to burn, unable to light it
dagozan vti cook it with something else
danizan vti cook it in a certain place
daashkaakizan vti split it in fire
gaapizan vti cook or roast it dry and crisp, parch it (wild rice)
gaaskizan vti dry it by smoking
gibozan vti cook it in the oven; bake it
gizhaabatezan vti heat it in the microwave
gizhaabikizan vti heat it (as something mineral)
gizhaagamizan vti heat it (a liquid)
gizhizan vti heat it, heat it up
gizizan vti heat it, heat it up
gizhiigizan vti heat it (sheet-like)
giizhigamizan vti finish boiling it
giizizan vti cook it; finish cooking it
giizhoogamizan vti warm it (something liquid)
inaakizan vti burn it a certain way
inizan vti cook it a certain way; heat it a certain way
iskigamizan vti boil it down
jaagaakizan vti burn it up
jaagizan vti burn it up
madwegamizan vti cause it to be heard boiling
madwezan vti blast it
mazinaakizan vti take a picture of, photograph it
maanaakizan vti take a poor picture of it
minoz vta cook h/ well
minozan vti cook it well
miskwaabikizan vti heat it red hot (as something mineral)
ningaabikizan vti melt it (mineral or metal)
ningizan vti melt, thaw it
nookaabikizan vti soften it (mineral) with heat
nookaakizan vti soften it by heat or flame
nookizan vti cook it tender
odaapizan vti shrink it (by heat)
ombigamizan vti boil it to sugar
ombijiizan vti pop it (wild rice); make it rise with heat
onzaamaakizan vti burn it crisp; burn too much of it
onzaamizan vti overheat, overcook it
ozaawaakizan vti toast it, brown it (by fire)
ozaawegizan vti brown it (sheet-like) by smoking it
zakizan vti light, ignite it, set it on fire
zhaabwaakizan vti
  1. cut through it (by burning)
  2. x-ray it
zhishigozan vti cook it mushy
zhiiwaagamizan vti cook it to a syrup