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/-aabiig-/ medial

agaasadeyaabiigad vii it is narrow (as something string-like)
agaasadeyaabiigizi vai s/he is narrow (as something string-like)
agaasaabiigad vii it (something string-like) is small, is fine
agaasaabiigizi vai it (animate; something string-like) is small, is fine
akwaabiigad vii it is a certain length (as something string-like), is so long (as something string-like)
akwaabiigizh vta cut h/ (string-like) a certain length
akwaabiigizhan vti cut it a certain length (string-like)
akwaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) is a certain length, is so long
aabaabiigin vta unwind, unravel h/ (as something string-like)
aabaabiiginan vti unwind, unravel it (as something string-like)
aabaabiigise vii it unravels (as something string-like)
aazhawaabiigin vta string h/ (as a net) across
aazhawaabiiginan vti string it across
babaamaabiigin vta lead h/ around on a leash or line
bagidaabiigin vta let h/ out on a line
bagidaabiiginan vti let it out on a line
bakidaabiigisidoon vti2 lay it (string-like) across the top of something
bakidaabiigishin vai it (animate; string-like) lies draped over something
bakobiiyaabiigamon vii it (string-like) leads into the water
banangwaabiigad vii [BL] it (something string-like) is slack
banangwaabiigibide vii [BL] it (something string-like) gets loose in operation
basweweyaabiigibidoon vti2 play, strum it so it echoes (as an electric guitar)
baapasaabiigad vii it (something string-like) is tight, is taught
baapasaabiiginan vti tighten it (something string-like)
baapasaabiigisidoon vti2 put it (something (string-like) in tight, install it (something string-like) tight
bezhigwaabiig adv num one strand, one string
bezhigwaabiigin vta use one strand of it (animate)
bimaabiigad vii it (string-like) extends along, is strung out
bimaabiigamon vii it leads along (as something string-like)
bimaabiigin vta string h/ along
bimaabiiginan vti string it along
bimaabiigisin vii it (string-like) lies extended along
bimaabiigishin vai it (animate; string-like) lies extended along
bimaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) extends along, is strung out
binangwaabiigad vii it (something string-like) is slack
biskaabiiginan vti fold it (string-like)
biskaabiigisidoon vti2 bend it (string-like) back on itself
biinaabiigad vii it (something string-like) is clean
biinaabiigizi vai s/he (something string-like) is clean
dakwaabiigad vii it is short (as something string-like)
dakwaabiigizh vta cut h/ short (as something string-like)
dakwaabiigizhan vti cut it short (as something string-like)
dakwaabiigizi vai s/he is short (as something string-like)
dazhwaabiigibizh vta spread it (string-like) out (by pulling)
dazhwaabiigitaa vai s/he, it (animate; string-like) straightens out
dibaabiigin vta measure h/ (as with something string-like)
dibaabiiginan vti measure it (as with something string-like)
dookaabiigibidoon vti2 jerk, tug it (string-like) (with hands)
dookaabiigiwebinan vti tug on it (as or on a line)
gagaanwaabiigadoon vii they (something string-like) are long
gagaanwaabiigitawage vai s/he has long floppy ears
gaashaabiigad vii it (something string-like) is rough, is prickly
gaashaabiigaabikad vii it (something string-like and mineral) is sharp, is prickly
gaashaabiigaabikad vii it (something string-like and mineral) is sharp, is prickly
gidaabiigibide vii it (something string-like) comes off in operation
gidiskaabiigin vta release, disconnect, unhook, unplug h/ (as something string-like)
gidiskaabiiginan vti release, disconnect, unhook, unplug it (as something string-like)
gidiskaabiigise vii it (something string-like) comes free, is disconnected
gidiskaabiigishkaa vii it disconnects, comes off (as something string-like)
ginwaabiigad vii it (something string-like) is long
ginwaabiigaanowe vai s/he has a long stringy tail
ginwaabiigigwe vai s/he has a long thin neck
ginwaabiigijiizi vai s/he is long-bodied, has a long torso
ginwaabiigizh vta cut h/ long (as something string-like)
ginwaabiigizhan vti cut it long (as something string-like)
ginwaabiigizi vai it (animate; something string-like) is long
gipagaabiigad vii it is thick (as something string-like)
gipagaabiigizi vai s/he is thick (as something string-like)
gwayakwaabiigad vii it is straight (as something string-like)
gwayakwaabiigizi vai s/he is straight (as something string-like)
ikwaabiigin vta pull h/ up with a rope
ikwaabiiginan vti pull it up with a rope
inaabiigad vii it (something string-like) is a certain kind, goes a certain way
inaabiigamon vii it (string-like, line) leads to a certain place
inaabiigin vta string h/ a certain way
inaabiiginan vti string it a certain way
inaabiigizi vai s/he is a certain way (as something string-like)
inigokwadeyaabiigad vii it is a certain width, is so wide (as something string-like)
inigokwadeyaabiigizi vai s/he is a certain width, is so wide (as something string-like)
inigokwaabiigad vii it is a certain size, is so big (as something string-like)
inigokwaabiigizi vai s/he is a certain size, is so big (as something string-like)
ishpaabiigibide vii it moves up high fast on a string or line
jiibwaabiigamowag vai [BL] they fly in a v-formation
madweyaabiigibidoon vti2 strum, play it (a guitar)
makadewaabiigad vii it is black (as something string-like)
makadewaabiigizi vai s/he is black (as something string-like)
mangadeyaabiigad vii it is wide (as something string-like)
mangadeyaabiigizi vai s/he is wide (as something string-like)
mashkawaabiigad vii it (string-like) is tough, is stiff
mashkawaabiigizi vai s/he is tough, is stiff (string-like)
michaabiigad vii it (string-like) is big, is thick
michaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) is big, is thick
miskwaabiigad vii it is red (as something string-like)
miskwaabiigizi vai s/he is red (as something string-like)
mitaabiigisin vii it is a bare wire or cable
nabwaabiigin vta double it (animate; string-like)
nabwaabiiginan vti double it (string-like)
na'aabiiginan vti adjust it (string-like)
naanwaabiig adv num five strands, five strings
naazhaabiigin vta lower h/ on a rope
naazhaabiiginan vti lower it on a rope
neshangaabiigad vii it is slack (as something string-like)
neshangaabiigizi vai s/he is slack (as something string-like)
niswaabiig qnt num three strands, three strings
niisaabiigin vta lower h/ on a rope
niisaabiiginan vti lower it on a rope
niiwaabiig adv num four strands, four strings
niizhwaabiig adv num two strands, two strings
nookaabiigad vii it is soft (string-like)
nookaabiigizi vai s/he is soft (string-like)
ombaabiigin vta hoist h/; lift, raise h/ with a rope
ombaabiiginan vti hoist it; lift, raise it with a rope
ombaabiigiweba'wi vta [NI] lift it (animate; thread) with a seam-ripper
ondaabiigisin vii it (something string-like) lies running from a certain place
ondaabiigishin vai it (animate; string-like) lies running from a certain place
ozhaashaabiigad vii it is slippery (string-like)
ozhaawashkwaabiigad vii it is blue, green (as something string-like)
ozhaawashkwaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) is blue or green
ozaawaabiigad vii it is yellow, is brown (as something string-like)
ozaawaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) is yellow, is brown
waabishkaabiigad vii it is white (as something string-like)
waabishkaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) is white
waawiyeyaabiigitaa vai s/he, it (animate) coils up like a snake
webaabiigin vta swing h/ (on a swing); swing h/ with a line (as a baby in a cradle swing)
wewebaabiigin vta swing h/ (on a swing); swing h/ with a line (as a baby in a cradle swing)
wewebaabiiginan vti swing it on a line
wewebaabiigise vai s/he or it (animate) swings on a line
wiikwaabiigibidoon vti2 pull it on a line or as a line
wiikwaabiigibizh vta pull h/ on a line
wiikwaabiigin vta pull h/ with a rope
wiikwaabiiginan vti pull it with a rope
wiinaabiigad vii it (something string like) is dirty
wiinaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) is dirty
zagaabiigin vta attach a line to h/ or it (animate); lead h/ on a leash or line
zagaabiiginan vti attach a line to it
zaamaabiigandan vti [BL] touch it (string-like) with the mouth
zhiibaayaabiiginan vti pull it under something on a line
zoongaabiigad vii it is strong (as something string-like)
zoongaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) is strong
zhooshkwaabiigad vii it is straight and smooth (string-like)
zhooshkwaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) is straight and smooth