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/-aabi/ final

s/he looks, has such vision, has an eye is such a state or condition 
medial /-aab-/ + vai final /-i/
akawaabi vai s/he waits in watch, expects
akwaabi vai s/he sees a certain distance
andawaabi vai [N] s/he looks around (for something)
ayinaabi vai s/he looks around, scans
aabanaabi vai s/he looks back
bagakaabi vai s/he sees clearly
bakwaabi vai s/he has h/ eye or eyes open up
bazangwaabi vai s/he shuts h/ eyes
baagaabi vai s/he has h/ eye or eyes swell up, has a swollen eye or swollen eyes
bengwaabi vai s/he has a dry eye or dry eyes
biigizawaabi vai s/he has blurry vision
biindigeyaabi vai s/he looks inside
biinzaabi vai s/he looks in, peeks in
boonaabi vai s/he stops looking
dabasaabi vai s/he looks down low
dapaabi vai s/he peeks (through an opening), looks through an opening
daatagaabi vai s/he looks up
debaabi vai s/he looks into the distance
ganawaabi vai s/he looks, watches
gibaabi vai h/ eye is blocked (so s/he can see out)
gikinawaabi vai s/he learns by observation
giimaabi vai s/he spies, peeks, peeps
giimoozaabi vai s/he spies, peeks, peeps
inaabi vai s/he looks to a certain place, peeks
ishkaabi vai s/he tires of looking or watching
ishpaabi vai s/he looks up high
jiibaabi vai s/he winks
jiichiibaabi vai s/he blinks, winks repeatedly; h/ eye twitches, twinkles
maamakaazaabi vai s/he stares in awe
minwaabi vai s/he has good eyesight, sees well
misawaabi vai s/he sees something desirable, wishes to have something s/he sees
miskojaabi vai s/he has red eyes
nabaneyaabi vai s/he sees with one eye; it (animate) has only one headlight
na'aabi vai s/he has sharp vision, acute eyesight
nandawaabi vai [S] s/he looks around (for something)
nishkaabi vai s/he glares (at someone or something), flashes an angry glance (at someone or something)
onzaabi vai s/he looks out from a certain place
ozhaawashkwaabi vai s/he has a black eye
wawaabijiiyaabi vai s/he has grey eyes
waabijiiyaabi vai s/he has grey eyes
zhaabwaabi vai s/he sees through something, looks through something
zhigweyaabi vai s/he aims sights
zhiibaayaabi vai s/he sees through something (e.g., binoculars, telescope, scope)
ziikawaabi vai h/ eyes water, seep, tear up
ziikaabi vai s/he has a discharge from h/ eye or eyes; h/ eyes are runny
ziiwiskaabi vai [BL] s/he blinks, winks