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/-'/ final

cause h/ or it (animate) to be or to act 
agaji' vta make h/ ashamed, embarrass h/, disgrace h/
agaasade' vta make h/ narrow
agaasi' vta make h/ small
agaashiinyi' vta make h/ small
agwazhe' vta cover h/ with blankets
akoo' vta make it (animate; string-like) a certain length or so long (by hand)
amaji' vta wake h/
ango' vta reduce h/ to nothing
animidaabii' vta drive it (animate; an animal or means of transportation) away (in the other direction)
anokii' vta make h/ work, put h/ to work, employ h/
awazo' vta warm h/ up, get h/ warmed up
ayeko' vta make h/ tired
aabaji' vta use h/ or it (animate)
aabaakawi' vta revive h/
aabiinji' vta overwhelm h/ in a contest or fight, beat h/ up bad
aandabi' vta make h/ change h/ seat
aanikoo' vta add something onto it (animate) to make it bigger or longer
aanimi' vta make h/ suffer, cause h/ trouble, abuse h/
aanji' vta change h/, make h/ over
aanzikonaye' vta change h/ clothes
aazhawibizo' vta [BL] drive it (animate) across
babaamibizo' vta drive h/, it (animate) about
babaamidaabii' vta drive it (animate; an animal or means of transportation) about
bakade' vta make h/ hungry; starve h/
bami' vta take care of, look after, support, provide for, adopt h/
banaaji' vta spoil, ruin, damage h/
baapi' vta laugh at h/
baatayiino' vta have much of h/, have many of them
bichi' vta mistake h/ for someone else; take h/ by accident
bimaaji' vta save h/ life, rescue h/
bimibizo' vta [BL] drive h/ along, take h/ for a ride
bimidaabii' vta drive it (animate; an animal or means of transportation) along
bimose' vta make or let h/ walk along
biichikonaye' vta [BL] dress h/, get h/ dressed, get h/ clothes on h/
biijidaabii' vta drive it (animate; an animal or means of transportation) here
biinaanziye' vta put a clean diaper on h/
biindigeba'iwe' vta make h/ to run inside
biini' vta clean h/
biitakizine' vta put shoes or moccasins on h/
biitawazhe' vta add another layer of blankets to h/
biitazhigane' vta put socks on h/
biizikonaye' vta put clothes on, dress h/
bookoshkaa' vta make h/ broke
booni' vta leave h/ alone; quit h/
boozi' vta load h/ on (a vehicle or boat), give a ride to h/
bwaanawi' vta be unable to do something to or manage h/
dabazi' vta get out of h/ way; dodge h/, duck from h/
dadaakwegi' vta make them (animate; sheet-like) short
dakwegi' vta make it (animate; sheet-like) short
debi' vta satisfy, benefit h/, give h/ something appropriate
dibi' vta keep up even with h/
gabaa' vta get h/ off, let h/ off (a vehicle or boat), help h/ disembark
gagaanwegi' vta make them (animate; sheet-like) long
gagwaadagi' vta torture h/; abuse h/
gagwaanisagi' vta do something terrible to h/
gagweji' vta test, try h/ or it (animate); try getting h/ to...
gakaki' vta make it (animate) square
gashki' vta overpower, prevail over, conquer h/ or it (animate); manage h/ or it (animate); earn h/ (e.g., money)
gawishimo' vai make h/ lie down; put, lay h/ down to sleep
gibiskwagi' vta staunch h/ bleeding
gidimaagi' vta make h/ poor; abuse, mistreat, ruin h/ (by not supplying h/ what is needed or by taking things away from h/)
gikinawaaji' vta mark h/
ginoo' vta make h/ long
ginwegi' vta make it (animate; sheet-like) long
gipagi' vta make h/ thick, thicken h/
giichibiinzikawaagane' vta [BL] take off h/ coat or jacket
giichikonaye' vta [BL] undress h/, get h/ clothes off
giige' vta heal h/
giimoodaapi' vta laugh at h/ secretly
giishkowe' vta make h/ stop crying
giitakizine' vai take the shoes or moccasins off h/
giitazhigane' vta take off h/ socks
giitaagime' vta take off h/ snowshoe
giiwebizo' vta [N] drive h/ or it (animate) back, drive h/ or it (animate) home; take h/ home by motor
giizhi' vta finish, finish making h/
giizikonaye' vta undress h/, get h/ clothes off
giizhoo' vta dress h/ warmly
godagi' vta make h/ suffer, be cruel to h/
goji' vta try making h/; try h/ out
gopibizo' vta drive h/ inland, into the woods, into the bush
goshko' vta startle, surprise h/
gwayako' vta
  1. make h/ straight
  2. make h/ right
ikogaabawi' vta make h/ stand aside, out of the way
inanjige' vta [BR] feed h/ with such a diet, put h/ on such a diet
inigaa' vta abuse, injure, damage h/: be mean to, be aggressive toward h/
ipizo' vta [BL] drive h/ to a certain place
izhidaabii' vta drive it (animate; an animal or means of transportation) to a a certain place or in a certain way
izhi' vta
  1. make or cause h/ to be a certain way
  2. make or cause h/ to do something (a certain way)
jiibo' vta [BL] make it (animate) pointed
makadewi' vta make h/ black
mamakii' vta allot h/ land
manaaji' vta spare, respect, go easy on h/
mangade' vta make h/ wide, widen h/
mangi' vta make h/ big, enlarge h/
mazini' vta make a representation or image of h/
maajaa' vta hold a funeral for h/
maaji' vta start making h/
maajiishkaa' vta start h/ (e.g., a car, clock)
maaki' vta injure h/
maamawi' vta put them (animate) together, assemble them (animate); make them (animate) together
maawanji' vta collect h/
maazhi' vta overpower h/
megade' vta burp h/
meshkodendamo' vta change h/ mind, make h/ change h/ mind
meshkojikonaye' vta [BL] change h/ clothes
migoshkaaji' vta annoy, bother, pester h/
minawaanigo' vta make h/ happy
mindido' vta make h/ big, enlarge h/
minwanjige' vta feed h/ well (with a good diet)
miziwe' vta make h/ of a whole piece
miigwechiwi' vta thank h/
miiwi' vta reject, rebuff h/; drive h/ away
moo' vta make h/ cry
mookwaapi' vta laugh so hard at h/ tears come to your eyes
moozhi' vta feel h/ in or on h/ body; sense h/ presence
nabagi' vta make h/ flat
nagaji' vta be familiar with, accustomed to, used to h/ or it (animate); know how to handle h/ or it (animate), know how to make it (animate)
nagaashkaa' vta make h/ stop
namadabi' vta make h/ sit up, sit h/ up
name' vta find a sign of h/ presence
nanaa'i' vta fix, repair h/; put h/ in place
naniinawi' vta make h/ deeply sad, remorseful
naniizaani' vta put h/ in danger, endanger h/
naago' vta make h/ show; reveal h/
naanaagaji' vta pay careful attention to h/: guard, take care of, preserve, respect, study, analyze h/
naazibiibizo' vta drive h/ down to the water
nibe' vta make h/ sleep, put h/ to bed
nishiwanaaji' vta [RL] waste, spoil, destroy h/
nishki' vta anger h/, make h/ angry or mad
nishwanaaji' vta waste, spoil, destroy h/
nitaawi' vta know how to make, work on, operate it (animate)
niibawi' vta make h/ stand up
niigaanii' vta make h/ go ahead, make h/ lead
niigi' vta bear h/, make h/ grow or increase in number
niimi' vta hold a dance for h/; make h/ dance
niisaandawe' vta get h/ down
nooji' vta seek, go after, hunt h/
noojimo' vta heal h/; cure h/
noomakwii' vta dress h/ hair
noonaajige' vta nurse h/ from the bottle
nooni' vta breast feed h/
odamino' vta make h/ play; play with h/
odaabii' vta drive h/
ogimaawi' vta make h/ the boss or leader
ojaanimi' vta give h/ a hard time, get after h/, chew h/ out; make h/ hurry, rush h/
ombi' vta excite h/; stir h/ up; interest h/
ombiwane' vta help lift a load onto h/ back
onabi' vta
  1. seat h/
  2. appoint h/, swear h/ in
ondami' vta hinder h/; get in h/'s way; keep h/ busy or occupied
onizhishi' vta make it (animate) nice, pretty, beautiful
onjidaabii' vta drive it (animate; an animal or means of transportation) from a certain place
onji' vta tell h/ not to do something; forbid, prohibit h/ from doing something
onzaamaapi' vta laugh hard at h/
opaa' vta keep h/ awake
ozhigaabawi' vta give h/ a place to stand
ozhi' vta make, build, form h/
ozhiitaa' vta get h/ ready; prepare h/
wanaaji' vta [BL] spoil, ruin, damage h/
wani' vta lose, miss h/
wanishkwe' vta disturb, distract, interrupt h/
wapaa' vta disturb h/ sleep
wawezhi' vta decorate, adorn h/; dress up, make up h/
wawiinge' vta make h/ skilfully
waanaji' vta be rich in it (animate); have a lot of it (animate)
waangawi' vta tame it (animate), train it (animate)
waasiko' vta make h/ shiny
waawiye' vta make h/ round
wenipazhi' vta get h/ easily, have an easy time with h/
wenji' vta make h/ easily, have an easy time with h/
wewiibi' vta hurry h/; hurry making h/
wiiji' vta
  1. help h/
  2. play with h/
wiikonge' vta feast h/, make a feast for h/
wiimaabizo' vta drive around h/, make a detour around h/ driving
wiini' vta make h/ or it (animate) dirty
wiisagendami' vta cause h/ pain, make h/ hurt
wiiyagi' vta do something regrettable to h/; spoil, waste h/
zagaswe' vta
  1. give a smoke to h/, share a smoke with h/ (especially a pipe in a ceremony)
  2. invite h/ to a council
zanagi' vta make it difficult, hard for h/
zazegaa' vta dress h/ up well; dress h/ up after a year's mourning
zhaagawi' vta make it (animate) oblong or oval
zaagi' vta love, treasure h/
zaagizi' vta take h/ out; make h/ go out
zhaagooji' vta defeat, overcome, beat h/
zegi' vta scare, frighten h/
zhigi' vta make h/ urinate
zhiiwi' vta make h/ sour; sour h/
zhoobi' vta attract, please h/
zoongi' vta make h/ strong; make h/ solid