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Passage from an 1837 treaty with the Ojibwe
Warren on fishing
Warren describing waters
Warren on Leech Lake
Kohl on fish-spears
Jim Clark fishing with a line and hook
Ernie Olson on eating fish
Ernie Olson on commercial fishing in Lake Superior
Rachel Barret on netting and fishing
Maude Kegg Stillwater
Maude Kegg The Big Fish
Nayquonabe on eel pouts
Sam on whitefish
Phyllis Boshey on setting nets
Densmore on drying and freezing fish
Densmore on making fish nets
Densmore on fishing
Densmore on spearing at night with a torch
Densmore on fish traps
Portage Lake We Set a Net
Brill on Red Lake fishing
McKenney on white fishing
Hind on copious amounts of fish
Treuer on Mille Lacs case
Sister M. Inez Hilger discussing fishing laws
Gillfillan on fishing
Sister Bernard on fishing
Hilger on fishhooks
HIlger describing net materials
Hilger on seeing fish being smoked
Thumb 1864
wood fish decoy
Thumb 10192901
Ojibwa wood fish decoy on sinew line
Thumb 1436
Ojibwa wood frog-shape fish decoy
Thumb 7651
Ojibwa incised wood fish decoy
Thumb 1890
Ojibwe copper fishhook
Thumb 1868
basswood fiber fish line
Thumb 1836
Wood fish spear
Thumb 1863
birchbark fishing torch
Thumb 10083767
Setting nets at fish camp
Thumb 10152979
rows of fish caught at Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb 10083757
fish in nets at the state fishery, Red Lake
Thumb 10185936
Ice fishing shelter frame, Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb 10058305
ice house for spearing fish at Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb 10175400
Speared fish taken from Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb 10283632
spearing a fish in front of ice fishing houses
Thumb 10058507
spearing fish from a canoe
Thumb i.69.104
Martin Kegg Ice Fishing, Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb 35191
Henry Fields and nets, Nett Lake.
Thumb img 0029
Justin posing with a fish caught with a fishing rod
Thumb lake trout
lake trout
Thumb misc. 20photos 201339
fish in a box
Thumb p1010004
drying rack over fire
Thumb sturgeon
Thumb whitefish
Thumb img 0029
Boy holding up a fish
Thumb 38400011
Fish being unloaded
Thumb lake 20trout
Close up of a Lake Trout
Thumb misc. 20photos 201339
Fish in crates
Thumb p1010004
Smoking Rack
Thumb p1010011
Drying Rack
Thumb sturgeon
Drawing of a Sturgeon
Thumb whitefish
Thumb 38400022
Removing fish from nets
Thumb dscn0139
Bringing in a fish net
Thumb img 0999
Fish being removed from nets
Thumb img 3751
Fishing with a net
Thumb jimmer
Thumb nate 20juvy
Nate Juvy setting fishing net
Thumb p1010005
Fish Trap
Thumb p1010007
Storage pit
Thumb p1010009
Storage pit
Thumb p1010015
Birch Bark Canoe
Thumb richard 20chelberg
Richard Chelberg spearfishing
Thumb rustycrayfishjeffgunderson
Rusty Crayfish
Thumb 1869
fish net float
Thumb 1842
Wood fish spear
Thumb 1884
copper fish hook