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zhiibaawebinige vai s/he takes a nap

zhiibaawebishkan vti kick, shove it under something

Paired with: zhiibaawebishkaw vta

zhiibaawebishkaw vta kick, shove h/ under something

Paired with: zhiibaawebishkan vti

zhiibaaya'ii adv loc in the space under it

zhiibaayaa vii it has space to go through; there is a passage or tunnel

zhiibaayaabandan vti see through it

(derived noun) zhiibaayaabanjigan ni a telescope, a gun scope, (pl.) binoculars
zhiibaayaabanjigan ni a telescope, a gun scope, (pl.) binoculars

zhiibaayaabi vai s/he sees through something (e.g., binoculars, telescope, scope)

zhiibaayaabiiginan vti pull it under something on a line

zhiibaayaabiigisidoon vti2 put, lay it (string-like) going through underneath

Paired with: zhiibaayaabiigishim vta

zhiibaayaabiigisin vii it (string-like) goes through underneath, lies underneath

Paired with: zhiibaayaabiigishin vai

zhiibaayaabiigishim vta put, lay it (animate; string-like) going through underneath

Paired with: zhiibaayaabiigisidoon vti2

zhiibaayaabiigishin vai

Paired with: zhiibaayaabiigisin vii

zhiibaayaakizo vai s/he gets x-rayed

zhiibaayaamikaa vii there is a passage, tunnel, or trench in the bottom (of a body of water)

zhiibaayaandag adv loc in the space under the boughs

zhiibaayaandagaa vii there is a space under the boughs

zhiibaayaanikaadan vti dig an opening or passage under it, tunnel under it

zhiibaayaanike vai s/he digs an opening or passage underneath, tunnels

zhiibaayaasige vai it (animate; the sun) shines under the clouds

zhiibaayaazhogan adv loc under a bridge

zhiibaayoode vai s/he crawls under something, crawls though a passage

zhiibaazigwa'asabii vai s/he sets a net under the ice

zhiibendam vai2 s/he is strong-willed, has strength of mind

zhiibibii vai s/he doesn't get drunk easily