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zhiiba'ataanaak ni stretcher for pelt

zhiiba'wi vta stretch it (animate) out on a fur stretcher

zhiibaji vai s/he can withstand the cold, endures the cold

zhiiban vii it is tough, strong

Paired with: zhiibizi vai

zhiibanaabaawe vai s/he is able to hold breath under water

zhiibanaamo vai s/he has strong respiration, is long-winded

zhiibanaamwaabaawe vai

zhiibanaandam vai2 s/he can go without eating, can endure being hungry

zhiibaa- pv lex (in the space) under something

zhiibaa-adoopowinaak adv loc [BL] under a table

zhiibaa-giizis adv loc in the sky between the horizon and the sun

zhiibaa-minis between two islands

zhiibaa-nibewin adv loc under the bed

zhiibaabaso vai s/he can withstand the smoke

zhiibaabaagwe vai s/he endures thirst, doesn't get thirsty easily

zhiibaabizo vai s/he or it (animate) drives through a passage

zhiibaajiwan vii it flows through a tunnel or passage

See also: gaa-izhi-zhiibaajiwang ni-v

zhiibaakwa' vta stretch it (animate) out on a fur stretcher

zhiibaakwa'ataan ni a flat hide stretcher (especially for muskrats)

zhiibaakwazhiwe vai s/he paddles under something; s/he paddles through a channel

zhiibaangwashi vai s/he takes a quick nap

zhiibaapine vai s/he endures suffering, can withstand pain

zhiibaashka'igan ni a jingle

zhiibaashka'igani-magoodaas ni [BL] a jingle dress

zhiibaaweba' vta knock h/ under something

Paired with: zhiibaaweba'an vti