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zhaangasoonagiziwag vai there are nine canoes or boats of them

zhaangasoopidewan vii nine of them (inanimate) are tied together

Paired with: zhaangasoopizowag vai

zhaangasoopidoon vti2 tie nine of them (inanimate) together

Paired with: zhaangasoopizh vta

zhaangasoopizh vta tie, hitch nine of them (animate) together

Paired with: zhaangasoopidoon vti2

zhaangasoopizowag vai nine of them (animate) are tied together, are hitched together

Paired with: zhaangasoopidewan vii

zhaangasooshinoog vai nine of them (animate) lie together

zhaangasooshkimod qnt num nine bags

zhaangasooshkin qnt num nine bags

zhaangaswaginzo vai [BL] it is the ninth (of the month)

zhaangaswaabik qnt num nine dollars

zhaangaswaak qnt num nine hundred

zhaangasweg qnt num nine pieces of something sheet-like

zhaangaswemikwaanens qnt num nine spoonfuls

zhaangaswewaan qnt num nine pairs; nine sets

zhaangaswi qnt num nine

zhaangweshi na a mink

Mustela vison

zhaangweshiwanii'igan ni a mink trap

zhaangweshiwayaan na a mink hide

zhaangweshiwi-wiiyaakwa'igan ni mink scent used as a lure in trapping

zhaashaaginigaade vai s/he is bare-legged

zhaashaaginizide vai s/he is barefoot

zhaashaaginizidebatoo vai s/he runs barefoot

zhaashaagwam vta chew on, gnaw h/

See also: zhaashaagwandan vti

zhaashaagwamikiwe vai s/he chews gum

zhaashaagwandan vti chew it

Paired with: zhaashaagwam vta

(detransitive) zhaashaagwanjige vai s/he chews things