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okwiinadoon vii they are in a bunch, are in a pile

Paired with: okwiinowag vai

okwiinowag vai they (animate) are in a group, a herd, a flock, a swarm

Paired with: okwiinadoon vii

omagakii na a frog

See also: omakakii na

omagoode vai s/he wears a dress

omakakii na a frog

See also: omagakii na

omakakiiwinini na a Finn

omakakomi vai s/he has a basket or baskets, has a box or boxes

omakizini vai s/he has moccasins or shoes

omanoominii na a Menominee

omashkikiimi vai s/he has medicine

omashkimodaa vai s/he has a bag or bags, has a sack or sacks

omashkiigoo na a Cree

(verb of being) omashkiigoowi vai s/he is a Cree
omashkiigoomo vai s/he speaks Cree

(derived noun) omashkiigoomowin ni Cree language
omashkiigoomowin ni Cree language

omashkiigoowi vai s/he is a Cree

omashkoziisimin na [BL] a bean

omashkooz na an elk

American elk, wapiti
Cervus elaphus

omashkoozo-wiiyaas ni elk meat

omazina'igani vai s/he has a book or books, has a document or documents

omaa adv loc here

omaamaayan nad h/ mother

omaamaayi vai s/he has a mother

ombagoode vii it hangs up in the air, is suspended

Paired with: ombagoojin vai

ombagoodoon vti2 hang it up; suspend it off the ground

Paired with: ombagoozh vta

ombagoojin vai s/he or it (animate) hangs up in the air; s/he or it (animate) is suspended up in the air

Paired with: ombagoode vii