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/-se/ final

s/he or it (animate) flies, falls, has something happen to h/ or it (animate) quickly or spontaneously
may suggest spontaneous events not under control
achaawise vai s/he limps
agawaatese vai s/he casts a shadow flying
agwaase vai it (animate) comes up on shore
ajijiingwese vai s/he falls on h/ face
amajise vai s/he wakes up suddenly, comes awake
animikose vai s/he turns face down, flies face down
animise vai s/he flies away
apagajise vai it (animate; tree) falls against something
ashawese vai s/he tilts over, flips
azhese vai s/he slides back, flies backwards
aabise vai s/he comes undone, comes untied, unravels
aabiskose vai s/he comes undone, comes untied, unravels
aanjise vai s/he changes
aapidanaamose vai s/he has whooping cough
aazhawise vai s/he flies across
aazhigijise vai s/he turns face up, falls face up
babaamise vai s/he flies about
badakaakose vai it (animate) sticks in wood
badakise vai s/he falls on or hits something and sticks into it
bagamise vai s/he arrives flying
bagaskise vai s/he falls and lands with a splat
bakise vai it (animate; string-like) snaps, parts
bakobiise vai s/he falls, flies into the water
bakwajise vai it (animate) comes out or off of something
baakidoonese vai h/ mouth falls open
baakise vai s/he comes open, comes uncovered, flies open
baasise vai it (animate) shatters, cracks
baashkijiise vai s/he (something bag-like) bursts
baataajiishkiwese vai s/he gets stuck in mud
baataase vai s/he gets stuck
bejise vai s/he flies slow
bigishkise vai it (animate) goes to pieces, breaks down
bimise vai s/he flies along
binaagonese vai it (animate) has snow falling off it
binaandawese vai s/he slips and falls down climbing on something or crossing a bridge
biigose vai it (animate) goes to pieces, breaks down
biigwazhese vai s/he breaks out in a rash
biijise vai s/he flies here
biimaskoganese vai s/he twists h/ ankle
biindigese vai s/he rushes, flies, falls inside
biinjise vai s/he flies, falls in; s/he is in debt, is in the hole
biinjizidese vai h/ foot slips in, slides in
biiwise vai s/he scatters, disperses
dabasise vai s/he, it (animate) flies low
dakise vai s/he cools
dawise vai s/he has time, is free (to do something)
daashkaabikise vai s/he (rock or metal) splits suddenly
daashkigise vai it (animate; wood) splits
debise vai s/he or it (animate) is enough, is sufficient, has enough
dewikwese vai s/he gets a sudden headache
ditibise vai s/he rolls, goes around
gakaabikise vai s/he goes over a rock cliff
gawaakose vai s/he falls over (as something stick- or wood-like)
gawise vai s/he falls over
gibiskwagise vai h/ blood stops flowing, clots
gidiskise vai it (animate) comes out or off of something
gidoonagise vai s/he falls out of a boat
gizhibaabise vai s/he spins, whirls, revolves (by itself)
gizhiise vai s/he flies fast
giiwitaase vai s/he flies around in a circle
gwanabise vai s/he tips, capsizes
gwekise vai s/he turns suddenly or without warning
ikwanaamose vai s/he gasps
inaakwese vai it (animate; stick-like) falls a certain way
ishpise vai s/he flies high
izhise vai
  1. s/he flies to a certain place
  2. it happens to h/, comes to pass for h/
jaagise vai s/he runs out; s/he becomes exhausted
jaagisen vai + o s/he runs out of (it)
madweyaabikise vai s/he (something mineral or metal) clinks, clangs, rattles, rings
mamaajise vai s/he moves, is in motion, twitches
maajise vai s/he begins, starts, moves off
maakise vai s/he limps
maazhise vai s/he has things go wrong, has bad luck
mikawise vai s/he suddenly regains consciousness, comes to
mikwendamose vai s/he suddenly remembers
minose vai s/he has things go well for h/, gets along well, has good luck
miskwiingwese vai s/he blushes
mizhakiise vai s/he hits or touches the bottom, hits the ground
mookibiise vai s/he comes up to surface of water
mooshkinebiise vai h/ fills up (with liquid)
nabagise vai s/he or it (animate) goes flat suddenly
naabise vai it (animate) falls back into place
niboowise vai s/he has a stroke; s/he becomes paralyzed; s/he falls ill from bad medicine
noogise vai s/he suddenly comes to a stop
noondese vai s/he runs short
onabise vai s/he accidentally falls down on h/ butt
onjise vai s/he flies from a certain place
onjishkawise vai s/he flies into the wind
onwaawese vai s/he has a sudden attack of the hiccoughs
opimese vai s/he goes, falls on h/ side; it (animate) goes, falls on its side
ozhaashise vai s/he slips, slides
waniikese vai s/he suddenly forgets; it slips h/ mind
wewebaabiigise vai s/he or it (animate) swings on a line
zhaabonikese vai
  1. s/he has h/ arm go through
  2. an engine throws a rod
zaagibiise vai s/he pops up out of the water
zaagijise vai s/he or it (animate) drives, flies, falls, speeds, rushes out
zegise vai s/he a sudden feeling of fear, is scared suddenly
zhegozidese vai s/he gets h/ toe stuck in a tight place
zhinawise vii it rattles
ziigaawangise vai it (animate; powder) spills out
ziigibiise vai s/he overflows; s/he (a container) spills, spills out
ziigizibiingwese vai s/he has tears come to h/ eyes